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Student Associations

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Get involved. Join an exciting student-led association to broaden your social network and make lasting connections. Student Associations are a great opportunity to enhance your student experiences and participate in events that are relevant to your program. Find out more about the Arts Student Associations below.



Criminal Justice Student Association

The Criminal Justice Student Association works to connect students with professionals in the criminal justice field, while also providing volunteer and hands-on opportunities. CJSA does this through volunteering with local community programs, monthly Speaker Series', and tours at local prison institutions.

Contact: CJSA@ufv.ca


‌‌English Students Association

We exist to support, encourage, and connect English students; to hold events in order to build a sense of community among English students; to organize and support services for English students; and to maintain an open, non-intimidating environment in which students can feel at home in the department of English.

Contact: englishstudents.ufv@gmail.com


Association of History Students

We exist to promote the interests of members through cultural, academic, educational, recreational, and social activities sponsored by the Association; to strengthen and promote the study of history and create inter-disciplinary discussion at UFV; to represent student interests and voices within the History department.

Contact: ahsufv@gmail.com


‌‌‌‌Philosophy Association of UFV

The Philosophy Association of UFV (PHILUFV) exists to facilitate and encourage students discussion, education, and passion for philosophy in their academic coursework and independent studies.

Contact: philufv@gmail.com‌


‌‌‌‌‌‌‌School of Land Use and Environmental Change Student Association

SLUEC, formerly known as AGUS, was founded in 1995 and is an association representing the students from the School of Land Use and Environmental Change, with the purpose of allowing members to form lasting connections between faculty, the community, and fellow students. These connections will be achieved through activities and events which introduce members to broad opportunities, both present and future, that extend beyond the classroom.

Contact: sluecsa@ufv.ca   


‌‌Student Psychology Association

The Student Psych Association is for all students studying psychology at UFV. Get involved with events and connect with peers and faculty!

Contact: myCampusLife@ufv.ca


UFV Spanish Club 

The UFV Spanish Club is for students in any program to get together and share their interest in Spanish/ Latin American language and culture. We will create various events with dance lessons, music, food, videos/movies, conversation, and debates to improve the Spanish language and celebrate the Spanish culture. 

Contact: myCampusLife@ufv.ca


Visual Arts Student Association

Visual Arts Student Association (VASA) is the association that serves the students in visual arts major, minor, extended minor, art history minor and other related majors. Its purpose is to build a community in UFV to better serve students, provide opportunities, and offer better experiences in their practices. 


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