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Research and Graduate Studies

For students

A flyer that breaks down how the Research Office can support UFV students.Student Flyer_2022

Engagement in research early in your academic career can help you obtain scholarships, awards, and graduate school positions. This is part of UFV's commitment to provide you with the best undergraduate education in Canada. Not only do we encourage our faculty to incorporate research into their teaching, we support our students to conduct research and share their findings.

How can we help?

The Research and Graduate Studies office is available to assist you in your research endeavours by providing information on exciting events and opportunities available for student researchers. We can also help you with completing applications for research grants and scholarships.

Student opportunities include:

Additional funding may be available from the Centre for Experiential and Career Education's Student Experience Fund (SEF).

Record non-academic credit activities in your Experiential Learning Student Profile! This new system allows you to add your participation in UFV activities, leadership roles, work placements, and other experiential learning activities (i.e. Student Research Day presentations) to a central, accessible record for future use.

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Why do research?

Who better to answer this question than the students are currently conducting research at UFV.

Physics major Sarah Reimer explains:

“Knowing what's important to look for in experiments has helped me in many of my classes, and I expect will continue to help me in both future studies and a career. It's also really interesting to know that you're discovering things that nobody else has before.”

Here’s what UFV Chemistry major Liam Huber had to say about his experience working with Dr. Noham Weinberg (Chemistry):

“The biggest skill I think you learn is autonomy in problem-solving; you don't have friends working on the exact same questions you are like you get in class assignments, so you really learn to sit down and systematically work through all sorts of problems by yourself.”

"(Research has) been a really sweet way to optimize my time at school. Looking back, I’m so grateful that I did this. It has truly been a highlight to work under Shelley (Canning). She has been a wonderful mentor and has impacted me and my nursing practice immensely."

  • – Rosaley Klassen
  •    BSN