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Major grant holders

  • Major grant holders may be eligible to receive one teaching release, and are required to fill out the "Research Option Application for Grant Holders" form‌ in ROMEO by October 31 for grants in continuing years, or May 31 if awarded between January 1 and May 31 in the first year of funding. Contact for more information.
  • To navigate to the form, login to ROMEO, click "Apply New" on the right-hand side. Scroll to "Office of Research Services", then click on the form, "Research Option Application for Grant Holders".


"Ever since I became involved as a Research Assistant, and have started networking more with Amanda (McCormick) and the Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research, I feel like all of these opportunities have just fallen in front of me."

  • – Kia Neilsen
  •    BA, Criminal Justice

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