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Research Excellence Award

The Board of Governors and the Senate recognize academic excellence in research, teaching, and other scholarly activities that support student learning and enrich educational programs at UFV.

The Research Excellence Award is presented each year to a UFV faculty member whose research has demonstrated innovation, mentorship, academic impact, and an interface of teaching and research.

Senate accepts Faculty Excellence Award nominations annually each fall.

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Research Excellence Award 2018 | Dr. Kathy Keiver

Keiver has been working on the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure since 1993. When she started at UFV in 2006, she began collaborating with kinesiology colleagues to develop and evaluate intervention programs for children with FASD.

“This collaboration allowed me to extend my research interests into new and exciting areas, and to be part of a program that would not have been possible for any of us to have developed alone,” she notes.

It also holds out hope of real life improvement for people with FASD.

“Neuropsychological deficits, resulting from damage to the developing brain, are the most devastating effects of prenatal alcohol exposure for individuals with FASD,” Keiver says. “Intervention programs have the potential to improve these deficits and thus reduce the burden on affected individuals, families, and society. One intervention strategy that appears promising for improving multiple areas of the lives of individuals with FASD is exercise or physical activity.”

So far, the UFV research team’s results have shown some improvement in aspects of cognition through activity-based intervention.

They have published their results in peer-reviewed academic journals and presented at conferences.

Another benefit is the research opportunities for UFV students.

“Our research supports undergraduate education at UFV by providing students with opportunities for experiential learning,” Keiver says. “We have employed over 150 UFV students as research assistants and work-study employees over the last 7 years, providing them with opportunities to work with children with disabilities, help organize and administer physical activity programs, perform fitness and neuropsychological testing, analyze data, and disseminate research findings.”

Now, more than 10 years after joining UFV, Keiver is being recognized with the UFV Research Excellence award for 2018.

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