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Research Excellence Award

The UFV Board of Governors and Senate recognize academic excellence in research, teaching, and other scholarly activities that support student learning and enrich educational programs at UFV.

The Research Excellence Award is presented each year to a UFV faculty member whose research has demonstrated innovation, mentorship, academic impact, and an interface of teaching and research.

Senate accepts Faculty Excellence Award nominations annually each fall. For more information, please email

2021 Research Excellence Award recipient


R. Scott Sheffield, PhD
UFV Department of History

“It is important that people understand that Dr. Sheffield’s research laid the historical foundations for the Government of Canada’s reconciliation with Indigenous veterans. His work is worthy of recognition.” — Dr. Garry Fehr, AVP, Research

Explore some ways Dr. Sheffield's research on Indigenous military history supports ongoing Truth & Reconciliation

Faculty profile page

"...[Dr. Scott Sheffield] is internationally recognized as a top-tier researcher of Indigenous military history. He has penned one solo-authored monograph and co-authored two other books on the topic, as well as publishing numerous articles and book chapters in peer reviewed academic journals and edited collections.

This year, UFV has recognized Sheffield’s life work, honouring him with a 2021 Research Excellence Award. Sheffield is the first faculty member from the History department (and the second from the College of Arts) at UFV to receive the award.

'His work is in equal parts as influential and inspiring in the local classroom as it is on the national scene among Canada’s leading military and Indigenous historians,' said Dr. Keith Carlson, one of Sheffield’s history colleagues who supported the nomination. 'Awarding him the Research Excellence Award acknowledges that UFV recognizes his unique contribution to advancing knowledge.'..."

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Past Research Excellence Award recipients

2020 | Dr. Robert Harding, Social Work and Human Services
2019 | Dr. Irwin Cohen, Criminology and Criminal Justice
2018 | Dr. Kathy Keiver, Kinesiology
2017 | Dr. Miriam Nichols, English
2016 | Dr. Derek Harnett, Physics
2015 | Dr. Lenore Newman, Agriculture, Geography and the Environment
2014 | Dr. Michael Gaetz, Kinesiology and Physical Education
2013 | Dr. Noham Weinberg, Chemistry
2012 | Dr. Olav Lian, Geography and the Environment

"Ever since I became involved as a Research Assistant, and have started networking more with Amanda (McCormick) and the Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research, I feel like all of these opportunities have just fallen in front of me."

  • – Kia Neilsen
  •    BA, Criminal Justice

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