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EDI in research workshops

Equity, diversity, & inclusion (EDI) fundamentals in your research

  • Part 1: Context and foundations
  • Part 2: Strategies for implementation

Gwen Hill, M.A.
Manager, EDI in Research,
Royal Roads University

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Competencies around equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are important in all of our contexts at UFV – including in how we do research. On a national level, research organizations and funders increasingly require that applicants demonstrate a strong understanding of EDI and build comprehensive plans to include EDI principles in all of their work.

Gwen Hill, a national consultant on EDI in the Canadian research context, presented two workshops for the UFV community on May 18 and 20, 2021. Faculty, students, and staff who are engaged with research at any level (and those who aren’t, but want to be) are welcome to email to request the video links.

What you'll learn

EDI fundamentals & your research (Part 1): Context and foundations

  • foundations and definitions of EDI-related frameworks,
  • the case for EDI in research,
  • origins and current state of EDI in Canada’s post-secondary environment,
  • how intersectional issues impact the research environment and classrooms, and
  • tools to self-assess your readiness to deal with microaggressions and unconscious bias

EDI fundamentals & your research (Part 2): Strategies for implementation

  • developing comprehensive EDI plans for your research proposals,
  • practical strategies for building diverse research projects and teams,
  • budgeting for EDI,
  • designing inclusive research environments, and
  • creating EDI frameworks that are explicit, achievable, and measurable

About the speaker

‌Gwen Hill (she/her) is of Scottish, English, and French heritage, and is grateful to reside on the lands of the Tseycum First Nations. She is passionate about building truly safe and inclusive places to live, work, and learn. As the Manager of EDI in Research, Gwen's work at Royal Roads focuses on the intersections of research and equity. Gwen holds a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on intergenerational communication, and a certificate in Inclusive Leadership.


To recommend a topic or speaker for future training on Indigenization, decolonization, EDI, and other anti-oppression frameworks and their research applications, please email

“When you get to talk to the people you’re working with and they tell you how they’ve been impacted, it’s just the best feeling to know you made a difference. Seeing how you can take your breadth of knowledge, share it with someone else, then see the impact on their life is definitely a huge highlight!”

  • – Alicia Dyck
  •    Global Development Studies (GDS)

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