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Research and Graduate Studies

Faculty forms

Human research ethics forms

UFV transitioned to the online research management system ROMEO as of September 1, 2019. Please use ROMEO to apply for Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) approval. More information, FAQs, and tutorials can be found here, and information on how to register is found here.

TCPS2 CORE tutorial setup instructions

  • TCPS2 CORE is an interactive training module focusing on the TCPS2 principles of human research ethics and research ethics review.
  • The following people are required to complete online TCPS2 CORE training certification:
    • All UFV undergraduate and graduate students who conduct research involving human participants (as of August 01, 2016)
    • All team members on an HREB application (as of January 1, 2020)
    • Anyone sitting on the HREB or any delegated HREB review committee

‌Request for Ethical Review — Research Involving Indigenous People and Issues

  • If your project involves conducting research with or about First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples of Canada, please make sure to complete the tab in your HREB application in ROMEO.

UFV In Principle Form

Letter of Informed Consent Template

  • Use this example of an informed consent form to guide you in writing your own to present to your research participants.

  • Complete the "Request for Amendment" form in ROMEO to inform the Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) of any changes to your research project (e.g., changes to your participant recruitment process, end date, location of study, research instruments used, etc.).

A‌nnual report for multi-year research projects

  • Research projects can only be given ethics approval for one year. If you informed the Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) that you are conducting a multi-year project by indicating that on your "Request for Ethical Review Form," please submit an annual report through ROMEO by the date of your HREB certificate expiry in order to be approved for another year.
  • If an extension is needed, submit a request for amendment through ROMEO

  • An adverse event is any undesirable experience or response (be it physical, emotional, psychological, or physiological) that is not expected or stated in a research project's informed consent form or original protocol. If a research participant experiences any injury or adverse event, the faculty investigator or supervisor must report it by completing an "Adverse Incident Event Form" through ROMEO.

Finance forms

Visit UFV Finance to view forms for advance requisitions, expense claims, cheque requisitions, deposit transfers, payroll timesheets, etc.

Request for contract form

  • Use this MS Word fillable form if you hire students. A contract may only be used for one semester at a time. A new contract must be completed at the beginning of each semester if the student is employed for more than one semester.

Research overhead cost recovery waiver request form

  • The University requires an overhead fee to be included in all applications and proposals for research contracts/projects prior to any commitment of university resources. See UFV's Policy 225 for more information.

Sabbatical forms

A sabbatical leave provides an extended time for faculty to engage in research or scholarly activity, upgrade professional skills, acquire new competencies or credentials, or engage in approved teaching and learning activities. All Type-B UFV faculty are eligible for sabbatical leave after seven (7) years of continuous service. Sabbatical applications are due November 15 each year.

Sabbatical handbook

  • In-depth overview of sabbatical eligibility, conditions, types of leave, duration, etc.

Example sabbatical summaries

  • To view examples of previous sabbatical summaries (1) log in to your MyUFV account, (2) click on the “Human Resources” tab at the top of the page, and (3) scroll down to the bottom-left and click on “Sabbatical Leave & Scholarly Activity.” You will be directed to a searchable database which includes summaries from sabbaticals and research option/scholarly activity applications for you to view.

Sabbatical workshop recording

  • Recording of the sabbatical workshop which took place on June 10, 2022, hosted by AVP Research Dr. Garry Fehr. (Length: 45 mins.)

Preparing your sabbatical application 2022‌ (PowerPoint)

  • This PowerPoint will guide you in writing the purpose, goals, design, and timeline sections of your application and what mistakes to avoid when writing your sabbatical application.

Sabbatical application form

  • The sabbatical application form is located in ROMEO, UFV's online research administration platform. Log in to your ROMEO account to complete/submit your application by November 15.
  • For sabbatical streams 1 to 4, please use the Sabbatical Application "A" Form. You can upload this document directly into the attachments tab in Romeo under the "Sabbatical Application Form - A".
  • For sabbatical streams 5 and 6, please use the Sabbatical Application "B" Form. You can upload this document directly into the attachments tab in Romeo under the "Sabbatical Application Form - B".

Sabbatical leave final report

  • To navigate to the final report in ROMEO click on the “Applications: Post-Review” on the left-hand side.
  • Then navigate to the sabbatical project associated with the final report, and click the “Events” button on the left.
  • On the next screen, scroll to the header “Sabbatical,” and then select “Sabbatical Leave Final Report.”

*If you applied for a sabbatical for leave in 2020-2021 or earlier, then your final report cannot be completed in Romeo, as you did not apply through Romeo. If you were on leave in 2020-2021 or earlier, please follow the Faculty Sabbatical Final Report Guidelines, and email your final report to

Sabbatical request for change form

Sabbatical deferral form

ROSA forms

Research Option and Scholarly Activity (ROSA) provides permanent teaching faculty with the opportunity to apply for a one-section course reduction in teaching load for the purpose of completing a research or scholarly activity project which is too substantial to be completed as part of one's regular workload. ROSA applications must be submitted through ROMEO by October 31 each year.

‌ROSA guideline handbooks‌

ROSA application form

R‌esearch Option form for grant holders

  • Complete the "Research Option Application for Grant Holders" form in ROMEO to notify the Research Office of your ROSA release request. Please note that all applicants must inform their department head of their releases.

Request changes to your approved ROSA application

  • Complete a “ROSA Request for Change” event form in ROMEO to request changes to your approved ROSA release project. It will automatically be attached to your original application. See ROMEO tutorials for instructions.

ROSA final report

  • On completion of your research option or scholarly activity, you must submit a final report in ROMEO.
  • How to navigate to the Final Report in ROMEO:
    1. Click “Applications: Post-Review” on the left
    2. Go to the ROSA project associated with the final report
    3. Click the “Events” button on the left
    4. On the next screen, scroll to the header “ROSA,” then select “Final Report”

Undergraduate Research Excellence (URE) Awards

Each spring, UFV presents Undergraduate Research Excellence Awards to students who have conducted exceptional research as part of the UFV Work Study program, as research assistants, or for an outstanding project as part of a course. Award recipients are acknowledged at an evening dinner and awards ceremony.

UFV Departments/Schools are invited to submit nominations for their best research student beginning in Winter. Additional awards are available for the best Community Service Research, Indigenous Research, and Industry Engagement Research projects.

Please check eligibility criteria before submitting a nomination.

Go to URE Awards page

UFV Centres and Institutes

UFV Centres & Institutes Proposal Template

  • Refer to this template if you wish to develop a proposal for a new centre or institute at UFV. Submit final packages to the Research Office at

Event request form for UFV Research Centres/Institutes

  • Use this form to submit an event request for your Center or Institute.

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