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Human Research Ethics forms

The Research Office transitioned to the online database management system ROMEO as of September 1, 2019. Please use ROMEO to apply for Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) approval. More information, FAQs, and tutorials on ROMEO can be found here.

Ethics checklist

This form is for your personal use to assess the risk of a potential research project. A final ethics checklist is included in the ROMEO HREB forms.

TCPS2 CORE tutorial setup instructions

As of August 01, 2016, all UFV students (undergraduate and graduate) who conduct research involving human participants are required to complete the online TCPS2 CORE training certification. TCPS2 CORE is an interactive training module focusing on the TCPS2 principles of human research ethics and research ethics review.

As of January 1, 2020, all team members on an HREB application are required to complete the TCPS2 CORE training certification.

Anyone sitting on the HREB or any delegated HREB review committee must have TCPS2 CORE training certification.

Request for ethical review — research involving Indigenous people

Fill out this form to request ethical review for your research project if it involves conducting research on the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples of Canada.

Please upload this supplementary form to your HREB application in ROMEO.

UFV In Principle Form

Please contact with questions or concerns.

Letter of informed consent example

Use this example of an informed consent form to guide you in writing your own to present to your research participants.

Request for amendment to research form

Please use this form to inform Research Ethics if any aspects of your research project has changed such as participant recruitment process, study end date, location of study, research instruments used, etc.

If you are requesting an amendment to an application prior to September 1, 2019 you can use this form.

If you are requesting an amendment to an application that was completed through ROMEO, please compete the Request for Amendment through ROMEO.

A‌nnual Report for Research Projects

Research projects can only be given ethics approval for one year. If UFV's HREB (Human Research Ethics Board) was informed on the Request for Ethical Review Form that the project would be a multi-year project, an annual report is required by the certificate expiry to continue approval for an additional year.

If an extension is needed, please submit a request for amendment.

Please complete your annual report through ROMEO. Your application should be in the ROMEO system. If you need help, please contact Yvette Fairweather.

Adverse events report form (Prior to Sept 1, 2019)

Use this form to report an adverse event. An adverse event is any undesirable experience or response that was not expected and not stated in the informed consent and original protocol. This includes anything emotional, psychological, or physiological. The faculty investigator or supervisor must report any injury or adverse event that is experienced by a participant due to the research procedures.

 After September 2019

If your project was approved through ROMEO, please complete your Adverse Incident Event Form through ROMEO.

Finance forms and information

Visit UFV Finance to view forms for advance requisitions, expense claims, cheque requisitions, deposit transfers, payroll timesheets, etc.

Request for contract form

Use this MS Word fillable form if you hire students. A contract may only be used for one semester at a time. A new contract must be completed at the beginning of each semester if the student is employed over more than one semester.

R‌esearch Option Form for Grant Holders

Please note that all applicants must notify their department head of their releases.

Please use ROMEO to notify the Research Office of your ROSA release request by filling out the Research Option Application for Grant Holders form. 

Research overhead cost recovery waiver request form

The University requires an overhead fee to be included in all applications or proposals for research, research contracts and projects, prior to any commitment of university resources.

See UFV's Policy 225 for more information.

Sabbatical forms

A sabbatical leave provides an extended time for faculty (both teaching and non-teaching) to engage in a program of research or other appropriate scholarly activity, an opportunity to upgrade professional skills, acquire new competencies or credentials, or engage in approved teaching and learning activities, including course or curriculum development where the focus of such work is the scholarly/professional development of the individual faculty member.

Resources to prepare for a sabbatical

Sabbatical workshop powerpoint

This PowerPoint presentation is an introduction on how to write the purpose, goals, design, schedule, etc. of your project and what to avoid when filling out your sabbatical application‌ in ROMEO.

Sabbatical handbook

View this handbook for more information on sabbatical eligibility, conditions, types of leave, duration, etc.

Sabbatical application form‌

Please use the Sabbatical Application form found in Romeo. Please refer to the Sabbatical handbook when preparing your sabbatical application‌ and for process information.

Sabbatical deferral form

Use this form to defer your sabbatical leave.

Sabbatical leave final report

Please note that final reports are due two months after the end date of your sabbatical leave.

Please note, if you applied for you Sabbatical leave in Romeo, please complete the final report form in Romeo.

ROSA forms

Research Option & Scholarly Activity (ROSA) provides permanent teaching faculty the opportunity to apply for a one-course reduction in teaching load when they have a project which is too substantial to be completed as part of their regular workload.

Funding for these types of projects is available for approved projects that cannot be undertaken in the absence of funding. Please read the ROSA guidelines handbook for more information.

The Research Office is transitioning to our online database management system, ROMEO. Please use ROMEO to apply for your ROSA release. Click here for more information and tutorials.

ROSA guidelines handbook

View this handbook for more information on ROSA eligibility, reviewing processes, and etc.

ROSA project guidelines

This document delineates project guidelines for research options or scholarly activity such as if changes are made to your project, what to do if your project involves human subjects, information on grants, and etc.

ROSA Application Form

Please use ROMEO to apply for your ROSA release.

ROSA faculty report guide

On completion of your research option or scholarly activity, you must submit a final report. Please complete the form in ROMEO.

Request for Changes to your approved ROSA application

Use ROMEO to submit your request for a change to be made in your original ROSA application regarding your research option or scholarly activity.

Please contact the Research Office if you are requesting a change to a ROSA application for the current year (2019-2020).

SSHRC Explore Grant forms

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Explore Grants — formerly called "SIG" or "SSHRC Institutional Grants" — are intended to strengthen research excellence in the social sciences and humanities.

SSHRC Explore Grant funding allows UFV faculty to develop a research project, hire students to participate in research projects, and/or cover the costs of travel for faculty or hired students to conduct research.

The Research Office was successful in its application for a 2020-2021 SSHRC Explore Grant of $20,000 and is now issuing a Call for Proposals. Please visit our SSHRC Explore Grants page for grant details and instructions to apply via ROMEO. Deadline: March 16, 2020.

Student award nominations

Awards for students participating in outstanding research are available in a variety of categories.

Each spring, UFV students are nominated by faculty for exceptional research work, either as part of the UFV work study program, as research assistants, or for an outstanding project as part of a course. Award recipients are acknowledged at an evening dinner and awards ceremony.

Please check eligibility criteria before submitting a nomination.

Community service research award information sheet

This award is given once per year to a UFV student who has done outstanding research for a community service agency.

For more information on criteria, please view the information sheet.

Indigenous research award information sheet

Use this form to recognize outstanding indigenous research done by an undergraduate student. View this document for more information on criteria, availability, and etc.

Indigenous research award nomination form

Use this form to nominate a student for an award for outstanding indigenous research.

Industry engagement award information sheet

This award is given once per year to a UFV student who has done outstanding research for a UFV industry partner.

For more information on criteria, please view the information sheet.

Industry engagement award nomination form

Use this form to recognize outstanding practical research done by an undergraduate student for a UFV industry partner.

Undergraduate research award information sheet

This information sheet outlines the specifics of the Undergraduate Research Excellence (URE) award such as the number of awards available, eligibility criteria, important dates, and the nomination process.

Undergraduate research award department process information

This document includes information on the award amounts and outlines the departmental process to nominating an outstanding student for the Undergraduate Research Excellence Award.

Undergraduate research award nomination form

Use this document to nominate a UFV student who has completed a research project.

UFV Centres & Institutes Forms‌

Please use the UFV Centres & Institutes Proposal Template for proposals for a new centre or institute at UFV. Please submit final packages to the Research Office at

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