Faculty Sabbatical Leave

Due Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Faculty Sabbatical Leave applies to all permanent UFV faculty.

This program provides an extended period of time for faculty to engage in a program of research or other appropriate scholarly activity, an opportunity to upgrade professional skills, acquire new competencies or credentials, or engage in approved teaching and learning activities, including course or curriculum development work.

Please download and complete the applicable forms:

Faculty Sabbatical Leave Handbook 2018-2019

Faculty Sabbatical Application 2018-2019

Sabbatical Workshop PowerPoint Presentation

Faculty Sabbatical Final Report

Faculty Sabbatical Deferral Form - for further information regarding deferrals, please see below.

Email complete application packages to the Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies department at rosa.release@ufv.ca.  

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Adrienne Chan by email or by phone at 604-504-7441 ext. 4074. 

For further information on how to complete the sabbatical application form, please view this Sabbatical Workshop PowerPoint Presentation for helpful details.



Department Heads who are or become eligible for sabbatical during the term of office as department head may have their eligibility for a subsequent sabbatical reduced by a maximum of three years under the following conditions:
  • A deferral request form must be submitted to and approved by the Dean and must include the date on which the sabbatical will be taken.
  • Deferred sabbatical must be taken within two academic years of stepping down as head.
  • Department Heads who do not take the deferred sabbatical within the two year period will lose eligibility for the reduction in the qualifying period for a next sabbatical.  
  • The sabbatical must be applied for and approved through the regular application process at the time it will be taken.


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