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Research and Graduate Studies

Graduate studies at UFV

Master in-demand skills and achieve your professional goals

UFV is committed to excellence through professional graduate programs that serve the diverse needs of the Fraser Valley region and beyond. As a regionally based university, UFV places paramount priority on students and their learning needs and goals.

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Child Life & Community Health — certificate

This 15-credit program will prepare students to meet the professional requirements of the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) to become eligible to write the Child Life Certification Exam.

Criminal Justice — Master of Arts

This 32- or 33-credit program is designed especially for individuals looking to combine their academic and professional experience in the areas of criminal justice, social justice, and/or community justice in a way that suits their career plans. (Program is under review. Please check back in Fall 2022 for more information.)

Halq’eméylem - graduate certifcate

This program seeks to develop advanced knowledge and skills in the revival, acquisition, and use of this endangered language. Delivered on a part-time basis, the program requires 12 credits and can be completed in four semesters. Graduates may exit at the certificate level or continue onto the graduate diploma. 

Halq’eméylem - graduate diploma

This program follows on from the graduate certificate program and seeks to develop advanced knowledge and skills in the revival, acquisition, and use of this endangered language. Delivered on a part-time basis, the program requires 10 credits and can be completed in two semesters.  

Master of Education in Leadership and Mentorship

Are you a certified K-12 educator? Develop the skills and knowledge to pursue innovative and sustainable leadership and mentorship roles in your school or district. 

Migration & Citizenship — diploma

Earn a graduate diploma in this flexible program, while pursuing different career or education goals. You will combine and integrate multiple perspectives and disciplines to investigate human movement, resettlement, and belonging in their current and historical contexts, both globally and with a particular focus on the Canadian experience.

Migration & Citizenship — certificate

The 12-credit graduate certificate will prepare you for a career in community, educational, and non-governmental organizations such as local settlement agencies, as well as government, civil society, and private sector positions. This program is flexible, allowing you to pursue these credentials at different points in your career and with different career or future education goals in mind.

Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning — certificate

Learn how to bring mindfulness programs based on research and best practices to sectors such as health, education, workplace training, and the criminal justice system. 

Program Evaluation — certificate

Program under review: Applications for this program are suspended for while additional flexibility in course offerings is implemented. Please check back for updates in Fall 2022.

Learn to evaluate projects, policies, programs, regulations, and other initiatives in order to determine their relevance, success, and cost-effectiveness.

Social Work — master's degree

UFV's two-year Master of Social Work (MSW) equips you with the advanced practice knowledge and skills you need to move into a leadership role.

Programs in Development

UFV is currently developing graduate programs designed to address the development needs of professionals in the Fraser Valley. These programs will also be accessible to professionals from the rest of the province and beyond.  Check back for updated information!

  • Technology, Innovation, and Society - graduate certificate
    In development.

“When you get to talk to the people you’re working with and they tell you how they’ve been impacted, it’s just the best feeling to know you made a difference. Seeing how you can take your breadth of knowledge, share it with someone else, then see the impact on their life is definitely a huge highlight!”

  • – Alicia Dyck
  •    Global Development Studies (GDS)

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