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Research and Graduate Studies

UFV protocols: Research grants and partnerships

Applying for a research grant or initiating a research partnership takes careful planning and requires a number of stages of approval. Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies (REGS) is the office responsible for reviewing, approving, and managing all research-related funds at UFV.

In order to provide us with the time we need to complete these reviews and obtain these approvals, the following deadlines and processes must be observed. If you miss a deadline, we may not be able to approve your proposal for submission.


Applying for a research grant


As early as possible

Notify us of your plans to apply for a grant. We will be happy to discuss your plan and can provide support in developing your grant proposal and identifying any areas of concern at an early stage.

Researcher: REGS:
  • Provide feedback on drafts;
  • Arrange peer review (if time);
  • Assist with budgets and other process-related details;
  • Assist in gathering documents;
  • Contact funder (if necessary) to clarify program/application details.

Pre-approval: Two weeks before the grant submission deadline

At this stage, we review your proposal, organize support letters and signatures, seek approval if an overhead waiver is required, contact you with any required changes/feedback, and highlight any concerns so that there is time to address them.

Researcher: REGS:
  • Create an "Initial Funding Request Application" in ROMEO Info and upload all relevant documents;
  • Include information on the funder, co-investigators, grant amount and upload latest proposal draft, and complete Conflict of Interest and Ethics declarations;
  • Indicate whether you need a support letter, overhead waiver, signatures, etc.;
  • Notify the Director of any partners/partner institutions;
  • Notify the Director once you have submitted your "Initial Funding Request" in ROMEO.
  • Review all documents for eligibility/process concerns and work with you to find solutions;
  • Provide feedback on the proposal;
  • Draft support letters and obtain signatures;
  • Connect with partners/institutions as needed;
  • Review and obtain approval for overhead waivers or any special considerations.

Final approval: Two business days before the external submission deadline

At this stage, we review the final proposal and provide approval for it to be forwarded to the funder. Depending upon the opportunity, we may forward it on your behalf, or, in some instances, you may submit it directly. If there is time, we will review the budget and return any concerns to you to correct. Only REGS can approve a proposal for submission to a funder, sign proposals, etc.

Researcher: REGS:
  • Submit complete and final proposal(including budget, supporting documents, etc. in a condition ready to send to the funder) to REGS for final approval.
    • If the opportunity is one where the Research Office must submit, forward your complete proposal to the Director, RGS to submit on your behalf;
    • If the opportunity is one where the researcher submits, ensure REGS sign-off and submit;
  • Upload your final submitted proposal to your ROMEO Info file.
  • Review proposal and provide approval for submission;
  • Notify you of any concerns or errors noted in the proposal and allow time to make corrections;
    • If the opportunity is one where the Research Office must submit, we will forward your proposal to the funder;
      • If the opportunity is one where the researcher submits, we will provide final sign-off/approval and any required signatures for submission.

Notification: Upon receipt

Typically a funder should notify REGS of funding decisions. They may also notify the researcher directly. If you are notified of an outcome, and you are not sure that the Research Office has been notified, please forward the funding decision immediately. (Note: It is the responsibility of REGS to discuss/negotiate and sign funding agreements with the funder.)

Researcher: REGS:
  • If you receive notification of results and have not heard from the Research Office, notify the Director, RGS immediately;
  • Forward any communication regarding application results to REGS.
  • When REGS is notified of results, we will immediately notify the investigator(s);
  • Upload results documents to ROMEO file, adjust project status;
  • Review Conflict of Interest and Ethics declarations and determine whether action is required;
  • Once COI and Ethics needs are addressed, create a project spending account and meet with the researcher to review processes for purchasing equipment, reimbursing expenses, hiring personnel, etc.;
  • Support you through the ethics, spending, and reporting processes.

Initiating a research contract/partnership

Partnership agreements can take two weeks to several months to develop and arrange signatures, depending upon complexity, workload, terms, and responsiveness of the partner. Please notify us as early in the process as possible and leave ample time in your planning.


As soon as you know you want to engage in a partnership

The Research Office will act for UFV in discussing legal terms and developing agreements with partners.

Researcher: REGS:
  • Create an 'Initial Funding Request Application" in ROMEO, complete Conflict of Interest and Ethics declarations, and upload any relevant documents;
  • Contact the Director, RGS to discuss partnership and needs;
  • Provide us with information on the partner organization, your contact there, and a brief description of the project (including any deliverables);
  • Make an introduction between the Director, RGS and partner organization.
  • Review project, needs, and request any clarification;
  • Make contact with the partner to determine the best approach to developing an agreement for the project;
  • Work with researcher, partner, and Legal Services to develop/negotiate terms of the agreement.

Provincial Approval: A few days to 2 weeks

The Province of British Columbia provides UFV’s liability insurance, and as such requires that they review and approve most agreements signed by the University.

Researcher: REGS:
  • N/A
  • Once agreement has been reviewed and approved by all partners, UFV REGS, and UFV Legal Services, it will be forwarded to the Province for approval.


The AVP, REGS or Director, RGS sign all research agreements for UFV.

Researcher: REGS:
  • N/A
  • Arrange signatures internally and with the partner organization and upload finalized agreement to ROMEO;
  • Review all declarations and compliance information and take action if necessary;
  • Create spending accounts and meet with Researcher to review processes for spending, acquiring equipment, hiring, etc.

With both grants and contracts, once funding arrangements have been completed, we will review compliance details and create an account for you so that you can access your funds. We will then support you in using your funds and providing any necessary reports to the funder/partner.


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