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Research and Graduate Studies

Policies and plans

Strategic Research Plan 2023–2028

The Strategic Research Plan is used to identify the priority research areas that will guide the creation of Canada Research Chair positions and the strategic use of Canada Foundation for Innovation funds for investment in the development and support of research centres and institutes that meet the economic and social needs of stakeholders within our region

The development of this SRP included a year-long consultation process that produced more than 1300 contributions from UFV faculty, researchers, administrators, staff, and students, plus contributions from internal committees on EDI, Indigenous Affairs, and research governance were included in this process. Separately, external stakeholders to the University were consulted through a series of meetings hosted by the McConnell Foundation in four communities where UFV has campuses.

UFV Strategic Research Plan 2023-2028

Research Data Management Strategy

The UFV Research Data Management Strategy is intended to support the adoption of RDM best practices by all faculty and student researchers at UFV and to have those practices formalized in University policies, processes and procedures. While this Strategy has been developed so as to remain in compliance with the Tri-Agency Statement on the Principles on Digital Data Management, UFV also recognizes the value in ensuring that publicly funded research must be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Additionally, UFV acknowledges Indigenous data sovereignty and endorses the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance and the First Nations Principles of OCAP.

UFV Research Data Management Strategy

Research Policies at UFV

University policies are developed as required in accordance with the powers and duties of the Board of Governors, Senate and the President, as prescribed in the University Act, and in compliance with legislative and other legal requirements.

Visit the Office of the Secretariat website for a full list of research policies.

"(Research has) been a really sweet way to optimize my time at school. Looking back, I’m so grateful that I did this. It has truly been a highlight to work under Shelley (Canning). She has been a wonderful mentor and has impacted me and my nursing practice immensely."

  • – Rosaley Klassen
  •    BSN