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Research and Graduate Studies

Policies and plans

Strategic Research Plan 2016–2021

The University of the Fraser Valley fosters and enables the essential and interrelated nature of teaching, research and service to the community.

UFV faculty and students are committed to conducting research of the highest quality and meeting or exceeding scientific and professional standards.

UFV Research and Graduate Studies supports individual and collective research across all disciplines.

Read UFV's Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021 to learn more about how Research supports UFV's Strategic Directions.

UFV's Education Plan

In 2015, UFV undertook the collective challenge of imagining what our university should look like in 2025. The process included a planning exercise that resulted in five goals to be achieved in the Education Plan 2016–2020. These goals are:

  • Prioritize Learning Everywhere
  • Commit to Flexibility and Responsiveness
  • Collaborate Across Boundaries
  • Develop Local & Global Citizenship
  • Integrate Experiential Learning

Faculties at UFV often engage in research to prioritize the journey of the learner, respond to diverse learning needs, collaborate accross boundaries, integrate experiential learning, and more.

Research Policies at UFV

University policies are developed as required in accordance with the powers and duties of the Board of Governors, Senate and the President, as prescribed in the University Act, and in compliance with legislative and other legal requirements.

Visit the Office of the Secretariat website for a full list of research policies.

“When you get to talk to the people you’re working with and they tell you how they’ve been impacted, it’s just the best feeling to know you made a difference. Seeing how you can take your breadth of knowledge, share it with someone else, then see the impact on their life is definitely a huge highlight!”

  • – Alicia Dyck
  •    Global Development Studies (GDS)

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