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Research and Graduate Studies

Research Advisory Council

Research Advisory Council meetings are from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. every other month on Thursday during week 3. 

RAC Schedule

Meeting Dates              Location     Deadline for Submissions 
September 29, 2022 *2pm start  Teams September 21, 2022
November 17, 2022  Teams November 10, 2022
January 26, 2023  Teams January 19, 2023
March 16, 2023  Teams March 9, 2023
May 11, 2023  Teams May 4, 2023


Terms of Reference

The Research Advisory Council (RAC) provides an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of ideas, issues related to research. RAC advocates for research activity within the context of a teaching university. RAC provides an opportunity for research-oriented faculty members at UFV to come together to discuss topics related to research, to support research-based initiatives, and to stimulate discussion and profile research activity at UFV. RAC will provide advice and support to the AVP of Research, Engagement, & Graduate Studies and other UFV decision-making bodies such as the Senate Research Committee.

The RAC shall:

  1. Initiate and plan activities and events related to research, to inspire and facilitate institution-wide discussion. These activities and events may take place within RAC meetings themselves.
  2. Provide a forum where new research, scholarly initiatives, good research practice, and new ideas can be discussed and reviewed in an interdisciplinary context.
  3. Provide a space in which research-minded faculty can network and have a collective voice.
  4. Support the visibility of research by profiling and disseminating information about research activities and good research practices.
  5. Support and advocate for student research opportunities.
  6. Act as a resource for faculty regarding the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  7. Act as a resource to new faculty to support them in the development of their research and scholarly activity.
  8. Consult with and advise program areas on matters related to research and the integration of research and teaching.
  9. Establish committees, as required, to address and/or advise on emerging issues as they relate to research, creative and scholarly activities.
  10. Consider and review UFV’s strategic, strategic research, education plans, policies and practices to assess the implications for research and the integration of research and teaching. These may be requested by the AVP of Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies, Senate Research Committee (SRC) or other UFV bodies. Advice may be sought on the content, interpretation and implementation of plans and policies.
  11. Provide liaison to related groups such as the Teaching and Learning Advisory Council (TLAC) and others.

RAC Membership

Voting members

  • Two faculty members who are researchers, delegated by each faculty: Arts (two from Social Sciences and two from Humanities), Access and Continuing Education, Applied and Technical Studies, Health Sciences, Science, and Professional Studies
  • University Librarian or designate
  • Chair or Vice-Chair of the UFV Human Research Ethics Board
  • Directors/leaders of each UFV research institute, centre, or lab
  • Research Chairs

Non-Voting Members

  • Other faculty members are welcome to attend
  • Provost and Vice-President, Academic
  • AVP of Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies
  • Dean, College of Arts
  • Dean, Professional Studies
  • Dean, Science
  • Dean, Health Sciences
  • Dean, Access and Continuing Education
  • Dean, Applied and Technical Studies
  • Director of Research Services & Industry Engagement
  • AVP of Teaching & Learning, or designate

Every second year at its regular May meeting, the RAC will elect a chair and a vice-chair from its membership. The selection of the chair and vice-chair may be deferred at the request of RAC to September. In the event of an election, voting may occur by ballot.

The chair (or designate) will be a member of the Senate Research Committee, ex-officio. The chair is responsible for liaison with the Research Office. In their absence, the vice-chair will provide a liaison or attend meetings.

The Council shall hold meetings in September, November, January, March and May each year. The Council may also meet at the call of the chair, or at the request of the AVP of Research, Engagement, & Graduate Studies or the chair of the Senate Research Committee. In the event that a vote must be taken on specific recommendations made to the AVP or other UFV decision-making body, a quorum shall be 50% plus one of voting members.

All meetings of the Council are open to all UFV faculty, staff, and students wishing to attend.

A summary record of the proceedings and recommendations of the Council will be produced and circulated by the Research Office Assistant from Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies.

“When you get to talk to the people you’re working with and they tell you how they’ve been impacted, it’s just the best feeling to know you made a difference. Seeing how you can take your breadth of knowledge, share it with someone else, then see the impact on their life is definitely a huge highlight!”

  • – Alicia Dyck
  •    Global Development Studies (GDS)

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