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A flyer that breaks down how the Research Office can support UFV students.Student Flyer (PDF)

The Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies office has prepared application forms and instruction sheets to support your research endeavours.

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Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) forms

The Research Office is transitioning to our online database management system, ROMEO, as of September 1, 2019.  Please use ROMEO to apply for HREB approval.

Tutorials on how to apply can be found here:

The HREB would like to stress that if students submit an above minimal risk ethics protocol in the middle of their course, they may not get approval in time to complete their research before their course ends.

Not sure if your research is minimal risk? Fill out the minimal risk checklist and contact the ethics officer right away.

Research that is deemed 'Above minimal risk' must be reviewed at the board level and there are often major discussions and deliberations before a final version is approved. Additionally, if your research requires approval from a secondary source that has their own ethics board (health authorities, community services), this will delay your approval even more; it is unavoidable and it is the nature of that type of research.

Please email completed forms to the Research office at

TCPS2 CORE tutorial setup instructions

As of August 01, 2016, all UFV students (undergraduate and graduate) who conduct research involving human participants are required to complete the online TCPS2 CORE training certification. TCPS2 CORE is an interactive training module focusing on the TCPS2 principles of human research ethics and research ethics review.

As of January 1, 2020, all team members on an HREB application are required to complete the TCPS2 CORE training certification.

Anyone sitting on the HREB or any delegated HREB review committee must have TCPS2 CORE training certification.

Student checklist for minimal risk research

This form is used for assessing risk for students conducting research with human participants.

Student led research proposal form

This form is to be submitted to your instructor as requested.

Student research letter of invitation template

This template is meant to be a guideline for student researchers conducting research involving human subjects.

Letter of informed consent example

Use this example of an informed consent form to guide you in writing your own to present to your research participants.

Ethics review forms

Student Request for Ethical Review

For research involving human subjects, please log in to ROMEO to create your application for HREB approval. You will need to work with your supervisor on the completion and submission of this document to the HREB.

The Ethics officer will forward your application to the appropriate DREC for review.

Tutorials on how to register and apply can be found here: 

How to Register:

How to Apply:

Request for ethical review — research involving Indigenous people

Fill out this form to request ethical review for your research project if it involves conducting research on the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples of Canada.

Please upload this supplementary form to your HREB application in ROMEO.

Internal grants and awards

These grants and awards for students are funded internally through UFV.

Visit UFV Finance to find timesheets, payroll schedule, direct deposit forms, expense claim forms, etc.

Student led research grants application form‌

The student led research grants initiative connects the B.C. Government with university students and their professors to conduct research that addresses public policy issues; $1500 maximum; MS Word fillable form.


This award is available for full-time UFV students to help cover travel and other expenses to present a research-based paper that is produced or co-authored by the student. Use this form to apply for the research award.

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