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You have always enjoyed learning, and want to explore your area of interest at a significantly deeper level. Pursuing a graduate program will provide you with enriched knowledge that can open doors to additional opportunities.

Graduate Programs

You are a pursuer of knowledge looking to earn transferable skills that can increase your employability. UFV Arts offers many bachelor degrees that can provide you with the flexibility to explore multiple interests or focus on an area of interest, all while gaining the skills employers want.

Bachelor's Degrees

You know you want to go to university, but aren’t sure where you’d like to take your education. An Associate of Arts degree is a two-year credential that increases your skills, broadens your knowledge, and provides you with a solid foundation for further study or employment.

Associate Degrees

You may be hesitant about pursuing a degree, but you’d still like a solid education capable of preparing you for employment or future study. UFV offers diplomas suitable for students who want to explore multiple areas of study, as well as diplomas offering focused study in a specific area of interest.

Diploma Programs

If you would like to add to your program, the knowledge you’ve gained during your career, or explore a topic more deeply, consider pursuing a certificate. Certificate programs vary in length usually taking less than a year. They can broaden your skill set and gain you access to additional opportunities.

Certificate Programs

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