College of Arts

College of Arts

Gain the skills that employers value

Today’s competitive labour market demands a broad range of skills. Arts courses can prepare you for jobs that involve critical thinking, effective communication, and analytical reasoning.

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Join over 3000 students already pursuing their studies at the UFV College of Arts, and benefit from your choice of over twenty academic areas of study.

Take your education further by completing one or more terms of co-operative education where you will be able to earn credits, and make money, while receiving hands on work experience.

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Build skills and get paid. Work-study students receive 120 hours of professional work experience over the course of one semester.

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Take part in campus activities, build skills, and make friends all while gaining official recognition for out of classroom learning. A Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an institutionally recognized document.


Many departments offer internships and practicums. Check with Department Heads to identify opportunities.

Do you want to travel? Studying abroad is a great way to see new places, while learning about your interests. UFV has an extensive list of international exchange partnerships. You will be able to transfer the credits you earn back to UFV.


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