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Coursepack Print Requests

The Fall 2022 Coursepack Deadline is June 15 2022.

To make the coursepack request process easier, please use the online Coursepack Submission Form at the bottom of the page that includes the Coursepack Request Form and the Statement of Copyright Compliance all in one.

What is a coursepack?

A coursepack is a selection of materials, either from previously published materials or materials of your own creation, that you wish to have students purchase as their course materials. Instructors are responsible for the collecting of these materials, with clear scans of text and images. Once your materials are collected, our Coordinator of Coursepacks & ECommerce will be happy to help you put them into production for the semester.

We ask that instructors be mindful of the time it takes to seek permission for copyright, as well as physical production of materials. Late submissions will not be guarenteed ready for the first day of classes for the given semester. Coursepacks are final sale to students.


Secure copyright

UFV Bookstore must verify that all coursepack production at the University of the Fraser Valley complies with Canadian Copyright Laws and the terms of UFV's negotiated licenses and contractual obligations. All coursepack submissions must include all relevant documents and a signed Statement of Copyright Compliance (Step 3), regardless of what is being printed.

If your submission includes use of copyright materials, complete a Copyright Log. For more details on what materials can be used in a coursepack, please visit the Library's guide to Fair Dealings.

All materials with copyright will have their copyright log sent to be reviewed for permissions by our institution's copyright librarian. If you have materials outside of fair dealings, then we can apply for permissions through a few different avenues, however, if the permissions have to come from a more obscure publishing house that can slow down the process.


Submit your master copy

Please submit your master copy with every submission, either as a digital file or as a physical copy.

The instructor is responsible for ensuring use of the correct version and for all edits of the material. For assistance in editing your materials, we recommend asking either the Teaching and Learning Centre, your department assistant or the Library for help.

If your coursepack was used previously, it is possible that Print Services has a digital copy on file that we can use for printing if there have been no changes to the material. 

Please submit either electronically to or in the mail to "Coursespack, Abbotsford H157."


Complete a coursepack submission form

Our online submission form allows you to indicate printing specifics, quantity needed/required and Instructor copy requests. Instructors can upload their copyright log, and any records of permission within the form.

Our Coursepack Coordinator will contact the Instructor directly with any questions. Coursepacks are available for purchase approximately two weeks before the start of each semester. 

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