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CIS News

Announcement:  Course Prefix Name Changes for CIS

Starting in Fall 2015, the former CIS 230 and CIS 390 will become COMP 230 and COMP 390.  CIS 370, CIS 371 and CIS 430 will also become COMP 370, COMP 371 and COMP 430.  The changes reflect the nature of the courses.  When you register, you need to look for the courses under the COMP section of the timetable.

Please visit the Fall timetable for more details.

Mobile App Programming Competition

Fall 2015

The UFV Computer Information Systems (CIS) department is sponsoring a mobile app programming competition during the Fall 2015 semester. Submissions will be evaluated by CIS faculty members. The first- and second-place winners will each receive an Android tablet (Google Nexus 7) and their names on the CIS homepage.

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CIS Student, Benjamin Tremblay, wins 2014 UFV Undergraduate Research Excellence Award

 Record Linkage: The task of finding matches without knowing
what they look like

Record Linkage, a subfield of Data Quality, is the problem of identifying distinct records that actually refer to the same entity across possibly many databases. Ben's research has been on a current model for completing such a task, the Fellegi-Sunter Record Linkage Model. The model can be summarized as a method for assigning a score to each and every possible pair of records from the database(s), and then designating record pairs with a high enough scare as a match.

Ben found that in some cases, the model will assign inappropriate scores to some record pairs. This comes from the underlaying task of deciding if each individual field of the records is a match or not. This can be easy when the field is something simple and standard, like a SIN number - but this can be very hard when the field is something inconsistent, like an address. More sophisticated ways of designating matches between fields, and knowing what situation to use them in, will significantly improve the results of this model.

Caring and computer systems savvy lead to 2013 UFV Distinguished Alumni award for Stu Chahal 


Stu Chahal might have found his professional calling in computer systems, but his passion extends to people — especially those who need it most.

As the 2013 recipient of the University of the Fraser Valley Distinguished Alumni award, Chahal is just now looking back on his rapid ascent since graduating with a Bachelor in Computer Systems degree with a minor in business administration back in 2005.

"My UFV experience was a big factor in my sucess — it helped me obtain the right skills and a strong foundation that I needed in the early stages of my career," he says. Read more...

UFV computing student having a fruitful summer at BlackBerry 

In summer, many people enjoy the bounteous crops of seasonal fruits, including blackberries.

Richard Nair is enjoying a different type of BlackBerry, as he completes his fourth consecutive cooperative education work term with the technology company BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion), producers of smartphones, tablets and mobile services.

Nair's dream was to come to North America from his native Mumbai, India, to launch his career in information technology, and the University of the Fraser Valley helped him get there. Read more...

UFV grad follows a dream from South America to Canada, from Engineering to CIS

After Ricardo Jahns Gigglburger graduated with an engineering degree and a Master of Business Administration, he thought his schooling was over.

It seemed, however, that school was not quite done with him.

“I discovered Computer Science when I was about to finish my Engineering degree, and I immediately knew that computers would be my passion,” Ricardo explains. Discovering this passion could not have come at a worse time. On the brink of graduation, Ricardo made the choice to continue on his current path rather than start from scratch again. Read more...

CIS students help local health authority manage data quality


Ever try to find a needle in a haystack? Even when you’re not sure what it looks like or if it’s even there at all? That’s the closest analogy to what four University of the Fraser Valley computer information systems (CIS) students and one mathematics student were doing onsite with the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) for the past few months.

 UFV and Scorpion Software partner to give students industry experience

Most of us lament the number of passwords we have to remember in our busy lives; everything from bank cards to voice mail, email, and even the library requires an access code. The temptation is strong to make them all ‘12345’ or ‘password’, even though we all know better. Even complex passwords are far too easy to share, steal, or guess, if you’re an unsavoury character looking to access someone else's accounts. Imagine what it’s like if you’re a business owner trying to protect hundreds or thousands of accounts on its corporate network.


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Left to right: Michael Harder (Abbotsford); Cody Marbach (Chilliwack); Helmut Wollenburg
(Chilliwack); Maxwell Mooney (Abbotsford); Jon VanderMey (Langley); Brent Hunter (Chilliwack);
Dana Epp, CEO & Owner, Scorpion Software.

UFV's pushpin Mario gets virtual, and some very real, attention 
It started as hijinks. Tired of studying and filling time between classes, a handful of computer students at the University of the Fraser Valley pulled a few push pins off a bulletin board in the campus hallway. The students pulled out a few more, and then almost absentmindedly made a colourful image with the brightly coloured tacks.

The Push Pin Team

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