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Brenda  Fredrick

Brenda  Fredrick

Associate Professor, Honorary

Visual Arts

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A persistent sense of place informs Brenda’s immersive and sentient installation and object based practice, with audiences frequently being invited to step into dark and luminous spaces that exist somewhere between shadow and substance - recognition and ambiguity. Interested in notions of "home", biological memory and deep DNA, her explorations with integrated media and collected and altered materials creates a magic presence to a sense of absence - at once disorienting, elegant and unsettled.

Snared by intellectual curiosity, complex behaviors, and the wonder of it all, Brenda is committed to reflective practice and life long learning. 

In addition to her art practice, exhibition record and teaching career, Brenda has worked in cultural administration, project management, advocacy, policy development, literary arts, literacy, and in the museums field as a curator and gallery director. 

2006-2018 Courses:

• Introductory Studio I: Material Practices

• Introductory Studio II: Space, Form & Time

• Sculpture I-IV 

• Senior Studio I, II  

• Professional Practices & Development

• Special Topics: Practicum for The Reach Gallery Museum 

• Directed Studies

Program Development and Departmental Service:

• Chair, Art Acquisitions, Collections & Loans Committee

• Chair, Student Purchase Awards 

• Chair, Art Gallery Policy Committee

• Organizing Committee, Indigenous Arts Certificate Program

• Witness Blanket Committee 

• Co-Chair Diploma Grad Committee 

• Co-Chair International Field Trip Committee

• BFA Grad Committee

• BMO 1st Art Purchase Awards

• Scholarship Committee

• Visual Arts/Art History Program Committee

• Website Committee

• Portfolio Review Committee

• Articulation

• Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies Faculty Council (College of Arts 




BFA - UofL

MFA - York University


* Numerous conferences, symposia, research residencies, biennales, post graduate certificates

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