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Career guide

Careers in planning, geography, environmental studies, and geoscience

Find out what types of career fields provide opportunities for planners, geographers, and environmental professionals.

Prepare for work while still completing your degree

Don't wait until you graduate. Think ahead to what you need to do to prepare and search for jobs in your chosen field.

Starting your online job search

Following job boards and professional sites will help build your comfort with the job search process as well as your confidence in finding work after graduation.

Utilize available department and UFV Resources

Take advantage of the (free!) services available to current students and alumni as you begin your career search.

Show employers what you're capable of

Build a professional profile and demonstrate the skills and competencies you've developed while a student.

Networking 1-2-3

Networking is essential for finding employment. Find out why, how, and with whom you should network.

Career FAQs

Frequently asked questions and other considerations regarding finding opportunities in a changing job market.

Alumni Mentors

Geoscience, planning, geography, and environmental studies alumni — we want to hear from you!