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Robin Anderson

Robin Anderson

Associate Professor


Abbotsford campus

Phone: 604-851-6321

email Robin


  • M.A., Simon Fraser University

Teaching Interests

  • Canadian History
  • History of British Columbia
  • History of Sport


  • “Fitz and the Great War,” History Education Website, BC Campus OpenETC. May 2020.

  • "Sport and Leisure in Post-Confederation Canada," in Canadian History: Post Confederation, ed. John Douglas Belshaw (Vancouver: BCcampus, 2016), 640-649. Available:
  • "Fitz and the Great war", British Columbia History 47:4 (Winter 2014): 8-18
  • "Making Fun of Sport: James Fitzmaurice, Robert Ripley, and the Art of Sport Cartooning in Vancouver, 1907-1918" Journal of Sport History 37:2.
  • "The British Columbia View of Cartoonist J.B. Fitzmaurice, 1908-9" Journal of Canadian Studies 42:1 (Winter 2008).
  • "Technology and the University College of the Fraser Valley Writing Centre," Discourse 3, no. 1 (Winter 1998).
  • "Domestic Service: The YWCA and Women's Employment Agencies in Vancouver, 1898-1915," in Age of Contention: Readings in Canadian Social History, 1900-1945, ed. Jeffrey Keshen (Harcourt Brace 1997), 89-105.
  • "'On the Edge of the Baseball Map' with the 1908 Vancouver Beavers," Canadian Historical Review 77, no. 4 (1996): 538-574
  • "'Sharks and Red Herrings': Vancouver's Male Employment agencies, 1898-1915," BC Studies 98 (1993): 43-84.
  • "Domestic Service: The YMCA and Women's Employment Agencies in Vancouver, 1898-1915," Histoire Sociale 50 (1992): 307-333.


Book Reviews

  • Review of The Miracle Mile: Stories of the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games by Jason Beck. BC Studies 198 (Summer 2018)

  • Review of Philip Timms' Vancouver: 1900-1910 by Fred Thirkell and Bob Scullion. BC Studies 155 (Autumn 2008)

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