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UFV Housing

Maintenance Request Form

All repairs and alterations to accommodations must be carried out by the University staff. Residents are prohibited from repairing or altering their rooms or units and should report all required repairs to the Housing Operations office by submitting a Maintenance Request form.

By submitting this form you are authorizing UFV staff to enter your unit to carry out repairs within ten business days from the submission date. After the ten-day period, a 24 hours notice of entry will be given. It is your responsibility to inform your roommate that you've submitted this request.

What to do in an emergency

For emergencies involving hazardous conditions (flooding, electrical etc) please call Front Desk at 604-557-4063; or after hours, the RA at 604-302-6362.

Residents are responsible for ensuring that the area requiring repair is clean and free from hazards. UFV staff may refuse to work in unsanitary or hazardous conditions, in which case professional cleaners will be called in at the cost of the resident.

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