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Employment Opportunities at Lá:lem te Baker

Lead where you live

Lá:lem te Baker is a campus housing community made up of students who come from all over the world. We typically see over 30 countries represented in our building. UFV Housing Operations and Campus Living want to build a team of para-professional staff that represents the diverse perspectives, lived experiences and cultural needs of the student living on campus.

Working in Campus Living or Housing Operations is a great way to prepare for your professional career. You will gain leadership experience, build personal and professional skills, and play a significant role in enhancing the student experience.

Some other reasons to work in Student Housing or Campus Living are:

  • Build lifelong connections
  • Learn to work in a diverse community
  • Bring students and campus resources together
  • Have a meaningful impact on the students that live here
  • Be an advocate for those who feel they are not being heard
  • Learn professional skills that prepare you for what ever career you choose

Community Assistants (CAs)

CAs are student leaders who live in the Lá:lem te Baker community. Each floor has two in-house CAs who are responsible for developing a community where all students feel comfortable and safe. CAs are available for support, maintenance concerns, lockouts, and are trained to deal with any emergencies and conflicts that arise. CAs work closely with student associations and create various services and programs for students living in housing. CAs are also responsible for educating students about the Community Standards and making sure everyone respects the community and each other.  This position requires skills in leadership, programming, administration, and engagement.

On Call Community Assistant - Summer 2022

Community Assistant - Academic 2022-23

On Call Community Assistant - Academic 2022-23

Community Housing Ambassadors (CHAs)

CHAs are student leaders who assist students in housing with operational and accommodation services. Under UFV Housing Operations, CHAs help maintain Lá:lem te Baker's facilities and provide administrative support to the Housing Operations Manager. Customer service is an essential part of this position and prospective CHA applicants can expect a high level of interaction with students, professional staff and contractors. This position requires good interpersonal skills as well as excellent organization skills, the ability to work independently, and strengths in protecting information privacy/confidentiality.

H‌iring for CHAs for Fall 2022 is now completed.

Learning & Living Community (LLC) (new)

Advocates for Change Living and Learning Community is a unique opportunity for students to live in a close-knit community with peers that are passionate about social advocacy, anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion. Programing consists of topic discussions and presentations, community meals, professional networking, and extracurricular events, led by faculty, staff, students and community partners. Advocates for Change is a place where students explore the interconnectedness of how race and privilege function in society in a safe, supportive and welcoming space.‌

Living Learning Community Assistant - Academic 2022-23

Work Study Positions

Each year, Lá:lem te Baker has work-study positions that are focussed on programming activities and events to help build community. Work-study positions are posted on Career Link in early January and September.‌

More info to come in March 2022

How to Apply

UFV Housing and Campus Living are now accepting applications for the Summer 2022 semester and Academic 2022-23 term. You can apply online through UFV CareerLink. A member of the Housing or Campus Living staff team will contact you the first week in March to schedule an interview. Interviews will be offered virtually and in person.


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