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Resident Elder support for an activity

Are you a UFV student, faculty member or staff member looking for support? Our Elders can provide support for the following activities:

  • In-class support for students
  • Indigenous knowledge and cultural activities, and
  • Attendance at requested meetings

COVID-19 update

During this trying time with the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to ensure you know that we are still here to help. Our elders are available to provide over-the-phone support according to the following schedule.

Nancy Pennier Tue & Thu 10-12 pm 236-886-7922
Darlene Willier Mon & Wed 11:30-1:30 pm 236-886-8050
Sophamia and/or Terry Prest Mon & Wed 11-1 pm 236-788-7961

If you would like to invite one of our Resident Elders to your online classroom or would like to specifically book a time with one of our Resident Elders please fill out the online request form.


  • Some services may require an honorarium payment.
  • Request for Elder’s will be considered in its entirety and completing the form does not guarantee that an Elder will be available for your event.
  • Requests must be made 15 working days prior to the date requested (some exceptions considered). 

Request Elder support for an activity

Student request for individual Elder support

Students may also request a one-on-one meeting with an Elder for the following services:

  • Cultural
  • Guidance
  • Working on project or course work 

Request individual Elder support for a student

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