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1. What is the Indigenous Peer Mentorship Program?

The purpose of the peer mentorship program is to help Indigenous students make a successful transition to university life and academic expectations. The main focus of this program is to support first year self-identified Indigenous students. Mentees will benefit from the Mentorship program with improved grades and motivation to complete a program of study.

2. How does the Indigenous Peer Mentorship Program work?

Peer Mentors are 3rd and 4th year Indigenous students who provide one-on-one support to first year Indigenous students who sign up to become peer mentees. At these personalized weekly meetings the mentor will share experiences and encourage their mentees to find and utilize applicable campus resources.  Mentorship from an Indigenous perspective will focus on self-awareness, leadership, self-care, personal values, and empowerment.

3. Are Peer Mentors tutors?

Mentors are not expected to provide academic tutoring.  They will be trained to work with the mentee to develop stronger and more effective skills in time management, goal setting, and study techniques.  Mentors will also help mentees with navigating myUFV, Blackboard, registration processes, and understanding waitlists. 

4. Why Become a Mentee?

Starting your academic journey is a very exciting time but, it can also be stressful.  Peer Indigenous Mentors are available to meet with you on a weekly basis to offer you support and guidance during the Fall and Winter semesters.   You will be connected with many resources including with the staff and students at the Indigenous Student Centre (ISC) and the Resident Elders.  You will also be invited to gatherings, workshops, and luncheons giving you opportunities to network with students from Aboriginal communities across Canada.

5. What are some of the benefits of being a mentee?

  • Learn about, find, and utilize campus resources and support services.
  • Become involved in the Indigenous Students Centre (ISC) and with Resident Elders.
  • Stay connected with the UFV Indigenous community.
  • Meet new people who will encourage you to become more involved in campus life.
  • Receive support and guidance as you determine what academic success means to you.
  • Develop stronger, more effective time management, and study techniques.
  • Learn how to set realistic personal and educational goals.
  • Get a personal tour of the UFV campuses, , Student Union Building, and learn about the shuttle bus service

Indigenous Peer Mentor Information

1. Why Become an Indigenous Peer Mentor?

Indigenous Peer Mentors share their experiences and offer their support to students assisting with their transition to post-secondary education at UFV.  Training will be provided to develop the Mentor’s leadership qualities, interpersonal and communication skills.  Information will be shared on various Indigenous programs and services in the community and the various students support services offered at UFV.  Peer mentors will develop and utilize their Indigenous leadership skills to guide students on their educational journey.  This is an opportunity to make new friends, build community, and discover the intrinsic reward of sharing your expertise.

2. What are the proficiencies of an Indigenous Peer Mentor?

  • Indigenous leadership qualities; cultural identity, courage, positive attitude, commitment, and self-reflection.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills.
  • A desire to help others achieve their goals.
  • Comfortable working one-on-one and/or in small groups as required.
  • Work well independently and as part of team with minimal supervision.
  • Able to manage time and responsibilities effectively.
  • Creative problem solver.
  • Self-Identified Indigenous 3rd or 4th year student attending UFV full time (minimum 9 credits).
  • Has (or will have by August) completed 75 credits with a minimum 2.67 CGPA.
  • Registering in both Fall and Winter Semesters.
  • Some flexibility in schedule and available for some evening work.

 3. What are some of the roles and responsibilities of Indigenous Peer Mentors?

  • Meet weekly with assigned mentee.
  • Inform students of the UFV support services and encourage them to utilize these services. (Counselling, Academic Success Centre, Math Centre, Advising Centre, and Financial Aid)
  • Maintain weekly contact with students so, they don’t feel isolated or lost on campus. 
  • Help students to navigate myUFV and find program and course information on the website.
  • Help students understand UFV processes and procedures (e.g.: waitlists, registration process and appointment times).
  • Support students with time management, study skills, and note-taking.
  • Encourage students to be involved with campus activities, student life, and the Indigenous Student Centre (ISC) by attending various events with the mentee.
  • Encourage students to participate in cultural activities and events at the ISC.
  • Introduce their mentee to the Resident Elders and explain their role at UFV.
  • Promote health and wellness through cultural activities and self-care.
  • Attend and participate in all training and information sessions.

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