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Funding sponsorship form

Sponsor a student

The sponsorship billing authorization form is for tuition fees & bookstore purchases only, during academic terms. Please visit the Continuing Education web page for other sponsorship information.

This form is to be completed by the sponsoring third party. Employers, First Nations, Government Agencies, other educational institutions & charitable organizations are examples of third-party sponsors. Family members (ie. Parents, grandparents etc.) are not considered to be sponsors.

Protection of privacy

As a sponsor, you must obtain the student’s authorization, personal contact, and course information prior to completing this form. Please ensure that the sponsored student completes and signs a Release of Information form, which must then be submitted with the sponsorship billing authorization form.

The British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act provides that the University of the Fraser Valley may not release a student’s personal information to anyone other than the student without the student’s consent. The student has provided his/her consent for UFV to disclose certain student information to you. You should not share any of the student’s information with other people unless the student gives you his/her consent to do so.

It is the student’s responsibility to inform the sponsor if they withdraw, are required to withdraw or take a leave of absence. The University will not automatically notify the sponsor if the student stops attending.

Health and dental plan

The health & dental plan is part of the registration costs for all full-time students, but will not be billed to you automatically. If you would like this fee to be included in your sponsorship, you must indicate this on your sponsorship billing authorization form.

Please note: Students who already have equivalent extended health and dental plans may opt out of paying the fee within the first 3 weeks of the Fall semester. For more information, please visit StudentCare.


All billings will be in Canadian funds. Payments must be made within 30 days of billing. If you have any questions about sponsorship billing please contact Finance Accounts Receivable at acctsreceivable@ufv.ca.

For student fees explanation and tuition due dates, please visit the fees and payments page on the Registration website.


Complete the sponsorship billing authorization form

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