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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is an online collaborative tool using conferencing technology, built into Blackboard!

You can use it in the following ways to facilitate online classroom interaction and student engagement:

  • Synchronous class sessions, discussions or meetings, which can be recorded for later playback
  • Application and whiteboard sharing, breakout groups, online polls
  • Virtual office hours, tutoring sessions, web conferences, webinars

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Technical Requirements:

Please try to use Collaborate using fast, reliable Internet connections. The following PDF shows how instructors disable the telephony option: Collaborate Ultra - How to Disable Telephony Option (Moderator).

A] Browser Support: Please use the latest version of Google Chrome. If your Chrome doesn't work, please use Mozilla Firefox (Windows) or Safari (MAC).

B] Internet Connections & Preparations: Wired connections (both on campus and at home) are strongly recommended. If you need to use wireless connections, please use EduRoam or fast, strong, secured wireless connections only. Please do not rely on wireless connections in public places such as coffee shops, malls and grocery stores. If you can't use a wired connection at all, please put your computer/device very close to your Internet modem.

Recommended Internet speeds: 50-100 mbps download & 5-10 mbps upload; Internet speed test on local servers (click here). Internet speed test on remote servers (click here).

Before you start Collaborate sessions, reboot your computer, close all the other programs & apps and use only Collaborate Ultra. Ask the other users in your places to stop using high-Internet-traffic programs & apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Skype, online games and so on while you are using Collaborate.

C] USB Headset or Mic & Headphones or Mic & Speakers: A high-quality USB headset is preferred. If you are going to use other headsets, mics & headphones or mics & speakers, please make sure that they are as good as a high-quality USB headset. Analogue mics tend to create lots of technical problems. So, a high-quality USB headset is always preferred. For instructors, Blue Yeti USB microphones are recommended.

D] Webcam (if you need to make a live video stream).

E] A few days before your first Collaborate session, please check if your course's main Collaborate session, headset (mics, headphones or speakers) and webcam work all right.

Google Chrome: how to fix audio and video issues

Help for Moderators

Help for Participants

How to PDF Documents

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Collaborate Ultra - How to Check Recordings (Participants)

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Collaborate Ultra - How to Disable Telephony Option (Moderator)

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Videos Tutorial for Moderators:

User Interface Tour for Moderators

Session Settings for Moderators

Collaborating for Moderators

Sharing Files for Moderators and Presenters

Breakout Groups for Moderators

Polling for Moderators

Private Chat for all users

Closed Captioning for Moderators and Captioners

Tutorial Videos for Participants:

User Interface for Participants (joining with a guest link)


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