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Known T4 issues & bugs

This page lists known T4 issues, bugs, and temporary workarounds.

If you are experiencing a T4 issue that is not listed on this page, please open a ticket with the ITS department to report it.


T4 Media Library not loading

Date: April 11, 2023
Fix status: TBD


If you access the Media Library from the T4 menu (Content > Media Library), the Media categories section on the left-hand side of the screen may display the following message indefinitely: “ Loading, please wait…”.


If you experience this issue, please try the following workarounds:

  • Click on 'Categorised' to get the Library to load

  • Upload your assets (PDFs, images) from a content block. If you are not sure how to access the Media Library from a content block, follow the step described in the Add images to a page article in the T4 knowledgebase.

  • Use Firefox browser. While we are seeing this issue in Firefox as well, it seems to be far less frequent than in Edge or Chrome.

  • In the Media Library, perform a search (enter any word in the search field), then press your browser’s ‘back’ button. This will cause the Media Library categories to load.
    Note: if you choose this last solution, you will need to perform these two steps each time you need to access the Media Library.


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