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Submit a web service request

Update or modify a webpage

Request an update, addition, removal, or modification to content on an existing webpage (including images, banners, pdfs, promo boxes), or structural modification to an existing website (including navigation menu, quick-links, URL).

Create a new webpage

Request the creation of a new webpage.

Post to a blog

Request to publish a post to a WordPress blog.

Create or update a web form

Request a new web form or an edit to an existing web form.

Publish a website or webpage

Request a manual publish of a webpage or website outside of the regular publishing cycle. Manual publish requests must be sent before 3 pm to be actioned same day. Any urgent publish request received after 3 pm will be run the next morning as soon as possible.

Get a web analytics report

Request an analytics report for a website. You can request a basic or custom report.

Upload a video to YouTube

Request a video to be reviewed and uploaded to the goUFV YouTube channel.

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