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Kaltura is a media repository within Blackboard that allows you to upload audio and video into your courses for learning purposes. This media tool provides faculties and students the opportunity to seamlessly author, upload, record, search and stream media contents.

Copyright for Video and Audio, UFV Online, UFV Students

Both faculty and students need to refer to the video and audio copyright information. Uploading and posting content from copyrighted works requires authorization under the Copyright Act (Fair Dealing or other applicable exceptions) or by authorization from the copyright holder (licenses or direct permission). Faculty need to refer to the UFV Online copyright guidelines and the Copyright Guide to ensure that their use of materials within UFV Online adhere to the authorization of the Copyright Act and to the terms of UFV licenses and contracts. Students should refer to the copyright information for Students in the Copyright Guide.


Technical Requirements

1] Java and Flash plug-ins. Chrome's problems? => Java on Chrome or Flash on Chrome.

2] Headsets and cameras (built-in or external). USB headsets are recommended.


Media Gallery

Media Gallery - How to Upload Videos

Media Gallery - How to Upload Videos with Webcams

Media Gallery - How to Publish after Uploading in My Media

Media Gallery - How to View All Media

Media Gallery & Kaltura for Instructors

Media Gallery - How to Create Playlists (Instructors only)


My Media

My Media - Where & How

My Media - How to Upload & Publish Videos

My Media - How to Add Webcam Videos

My Media - How to Un-Publish Videos

My Media - How to Download My Media

Assignments - How to Include My Media

Discussion Board - How to Include My Media

My Media - How to Trim or Clip Media

My Media – How to Add Collaborators


Kaltura CaptureSpace (new)

Kaltura CaptureSpace 01 Before You Record

Kaltura CaptureSpace 02 Presentations

Kaltura CaptureSpace 03 Screen Recording

Kaltura CaptureSpace 04 Screen & Webcam

Kaltura CaptureSpace 05 Webcam

Kaltura CaptureSpace 06 Voice

Kaltura CaptureSpace 07 Library



Audio Video Basics (PDF)

Handbrake: How to Compress Video Files (PDF)

Kaltura Learning

Kaltura University

Kaltura Video Tips: Recording Video

Please contact ETS for more information.


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