School of Social Work and Human Services

SSWA executive members


Becky Edwards, President

Becky is a third-year social work student with a passion for social justice and policy. Social work was intriguing to Becky as she wanted to expand her personal training into deeper wellness practice with her clients. Upon entering this new educational path, the broad world of social work opened and now the sky is the limit.

Upon graduation Becky plans to pursue a double degree, with a master in social work and a degree in law. Policy change and a compassionate voice for social injustice is the end goal. When not at school, Becky enjoys spending time with her two children aged 17 and 22, reading, exercise, and films.


Zachary Legg, Vice President

Zac is thrilled to have the chance to be a part of the SSWA team for 2018. Prior to attending UFV, he had the opportunity to coordinate a life-skills mentoring program for youth in East Vancouver. In his previous university career, he gained experience leading teams of volunteer youth leaders. He is thrilled to be back in school, learning how to do meaningful work with individuals, families, and communities.

Zac is looking forward to SSWA fostering community among students, creating opportunities to enhance learning for Social Work & Human Services students, and impacting the community in positive ways.


Chelsey Hogness, Secretary

My name is Chelsey and I am the secretary for SSWA 2018! I am a happy, upbeat and sometimes loud person who loves tea! I love to be outside, that is where I am most happy and content.

When I have spare time, you can usually find me doing something with my dogs such as hiking or bike riding. One of the most important items on my bucket list would be bike riding around the UK with my dogs! And to make it to Scotland specifically to learn more about where my family has come from.

My background for work and volunteering is with individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities. There is a little bit about myself, so if you see me in the hallways don’t be shy and come say hi!


Jayme Tauber, Treasurer & Public Relations Assistant

Jayme has come into the SSWA-fold with the aim of advocating at a national level (CASWE) on behalf of UFV Social Work students. Having worked within grassroots organizations, previous student unions, as well as government bureaucracy, she hopes to bring her structural lens to your rep team.

She looks forward to getting your input on what you see as essential to your learning toolkit as a social work student. She wiggled her way to social work from women and gender studies and had a special place in her heart for social issues impacting the lives of women.


Yanick Cadieux, Advocacy Coordinator

Yanick is a student and mother of two girls who has aspirations of obtaining her master's degree once she completes her Bachelor of Social Work.

The Advocacy Representative role is an exciting and challenging role for Yanick as it gets her out into the community speaking to people and agencies and seeking out those who need the Student Social Work Association’s Support.


Lesandra Simpson, HSER Representative

Lesandra is in her first year of the Social Work diploma program. She hopes to dedicate her life to planting seeds of hope and becoming an agent of change. She lives by the rule that if she does good in life, she will receive good in return.

One thing she is horrible at is whispering. If you can't find her by her loud voice, you will definitely be able to find her by her strange laugh, which is a combination of Eddie Murphy and Sybil from Fawlty Towers.


Claire Crocker, BSW Representative

Claire is excited to be a voice for her fellow students in the BSW Faculty Representative position. People and relationships are the reason she is passionate about social work. She comes from a community development background and believes in the importance of social change. She feels weird about using the third person for this long.


Emily Beckett, SWHS Advising Council Representative

Emily has two roles with SSWA, being the representative for SWHS and being a member of the SWHS Advising Council. In her third year of the BSW degree, Emily is hoping to work in mental health and addictions settings. In addition she hopes to help make music programs more accessible for marginalized groups.

Some of Emily’s hobbies include trying to juggle, reading anything by J.R.R. Tolkien, and hiking mountains too big for her.

Other representatives

  • Christopher Hawthorne, Public Relations Representative
  • Katelyn Pesut & Jayme Tauber, BCASW Representative
  • Taylor Nicholls, Curriculum Representative

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