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School of Social Work and Human Services

Student practicum

UFV School of Social Work and Human Services provides learning opportunities that engage students in diverse direct and indirect practice activities that reflect principles of social justice, equality, and respect for diversity.

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UFV Policies

As a student at UFV, it is your responsibility to read, understand, and be aware of the many university policies that apply to you and your studies. Please take the time to carefully review and understand policy 70 Student Academic Misconduct and policy 204 Safe Student Learning Community. These policies deal directly with Academic and Personal Misconduct. They define plagiarism and cheating, and outline the procedures and guidelines for dealing with these matters. The School of Social Work and Human Services takes academic dishonesty and professional suitability seriously and firmly implements these policies.

Other policies to read include:

18 Discrimination, Bullying Harassment Prevention
22 UFV Statement of Institutional Ethics
57 Field Placement
62 Attendance
81 Course Withdraw
92 Undergraduate Continuance
93 Accommodation of Students with Disabilities
217 Final Grade Appeals

View the UFV Secretariat website for a complete list of UFV policies.