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Online teaching checklist

Checklist for teaching online

When teaching online, consider the following teaching approaches and remote options.


  • Record and post a video of your lecture using Kaltura Media
  • Host a live online class using video conferencing
  • Upload content to your myClass (Blackboard) course
  • Annotate or narrate lecture notes using voice-over in PowerPoint
  • Link to existing online content (including Open Education Resources, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering, and others)
  • Use the myClass (Blackboard) Discussions tool for class discussions

Tech tip: If you plan on teaching synchronously through web conferencing (TLC supports video conferencing), avoid delivering three-hour lectures online. Instead, break lectures into 20-minute blocks with time to write notes, read, reflect or discuss with others. It’s difficult to sit through an online presentation (or deliver one) for lengthy periods of time.

Hands-on activities (e.g., labs, tutorials, seminars, field trips, design labs)

  • Provide raw data for virtual data analysis
  • Post online simulations, collections or demonstrations for discussion, critique, analysis
  • Provide external media files or links for virtual analysis
  • Have students submit video or digital recording of their presentations or performances using Kaltura Media

Group projects and group work

  • Break large classes into smaller online groups using myClass (Blackboard)
  • Use Office 365 for student collaboration, if available
  • Provide options for students to meet virtually (e.g. video conferencing)
  • Student video recording or digital sharing of projects/performances
  • Structure peer feedback using the Discussions on myClass (Blackboard)


  • Contact your students through the myClass (Blackboard) Course Message
  • Post announcements for all students in myClass (Blackboard)
  • Update your course outline, email it to your students, and upload it to your myClass (Blackboard) course site
  • Hold virtual office hours using video conferencing
  • Create a FAQ in the myClass (Blackboard) Discussions Board

Assessments and assessment options

  • Use the myClass (Blackboard) Test tool
  • Explore online assessments such as group projects, reflective writing, written or photo essays, research reports, critiques, simulations, scenarios or case studies presentations, Portfolios, Wikis
  • Have students upload documents for grading using the myClass (Blackboard) Assignment tool
  • Set up the Grades Center in your myClass (Blackboard) course site, and connect items to assignments
  • Have students submit video or digital recordings of their performances, presentations, or projects utilizing Kaltura Media
  • Add a rubric to your assignments to help grade quickly
  • Provide digital (audio, video, or written) feedback on student assignments

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