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Assessment & grading

Most courses involve the assessment and grading process. But how do you develop assessment activities that measure student learning in a way that is authentic? The resources here will explore ways to develop assessments, tips to set up assessment activities in Blackboard and evaluate those activities.

Assessment & grading workshops

BB "How to test edit options"

Online workshop

This workshop will cover the following topics associated with the Blackboard test tool: why practice tests are important; How to use your preview user to check if the test really works well; How to extend test times for some students; Set Timer vs Force Completion; One at a Time vs All at Once; How to release the questions/answers/feedback after the test date; and, Announcement on the test.

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BB Grade Centre

Online workshop

The topics include column organization, navigation tips, manually-created columns, weighted total vs total, categories, smart views, and how to download a Grade Centre file.

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Online workshop

PeerScholar is a great way for students to learn from their peers through self and peer assessment. This is a very structured yet flexible way to provide self and peers assessments and to delve into really reflective learning practices every step of the way.

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Online workshop

Turnitin promotes academic integrity and writing skills by helping students paraphrase and cite accurately and check their grammar. This tool also enhances academic skills of the students by providing feedback on the content authorship.

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Assessment & grading videos

How to add a RUBRIC and use it to grade in Blackboard

How to set up Blackboard assignments and the grade center

How to add an assignment dropbox in Blackboard


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