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Teaching and Learning Centre

Vision and mission


Teaching and Learning offers transformational experiences that engage and provoke learners and educators in life-long, reciprocal learning. We nurture the development of a university culture that values continuous professional growth and promotes excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. Our vision is
grounded in principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion and is committed to Indigenizing higher education.


Teaching and Learning supports the goals of UFV by providing leadership, support and resources for the continuous advancement of evidence-based teaching and learning practices and scholarship. This includes strengthening capacities campus-wide through professional development for the teaching community as well as supporting the expansion and effective engagement of learning technologies and techniques. Teaching and Learning also provides academic supports for continued student success through a wide variety of programming provided by the Academic Success Centre and Supported Learning Groups.

The TLC’s Evolving Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Teaching and learning is a reciprocal process that reflects a deep care for human dignity and diversity.

At the Teaching and Learning Centre, we seek to uphold that dignity by learning from diverse faculty, staff, and students and acting with courage, integrity, and humility to address their needs.

Read our full EDI statement »

Five goals for the Education Plan 2016-2020

In 2015, UFV undertook the collective challenge of imagining what our university should look like in 2025. The UFV 2025 Vision for our future process included an education planning exercise that resulted in five goals to be achieved in the Education Plan 2016-2020. They echo the recurring themes in submissions from students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

At UFV we will:

  • Prioritize Learning Everywhere
  • Commit To Flexibility & Responsiveness
  • Collaborate Across Boundaries
  • Develop Local & Global Citizenship
  • Integrate Experiential Learning

Read the full document Learning Everywhere: The UFV Education Plan, 2016-20.

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