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Institutional Learning Outcomes

UFV’s updated Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) will go into effect on July 1, 2024

Each learner possesses the following competencies and therefore can demonstrate the following interconnected institutional learning outcomes:


1. Apply Knowledge and Competencies Proficiently

Learners develop knowledge and information literacy, skills, and competencies within and across disciplines and knowledge systems. They access, organize, and examine written, oral, visual, and numerical information. Learners use and share knowledge responsibly and ethically, abiding by legal restrictions and cultural protocols for published, confidential, and/or proprietary information. Learners demonstrate technical proficiency and effectively apply knowledge in a variety of situations.

2. Examine Critically and Holistically

Learners use critical and creative thinking strategies, drawing on multiple perspectives and experiences to examine problems. They weave ideas together to expand on and create new ways of analyzing complex issues in a rapidly changing world. Learners pose questions and propose solutions using multiple literacies (digital, technical, numerical, media, and language-based) to develop a fuller understanding of concepts.


3. Communicate Effectively  

Learners communicate ideas and build connections using a variety of oral, written, digital, and visual strategies. They listen attentively, seek clarification, and are open to other points of view. They effectively present information using a variety of technologies, modes, and media. They communicate using language and tools to maximize intercultural understanding, accessibility, inclusion, and participation.

4. Lead Collaboratively

Learners promote trust and foster collaboration across and within communities, groups, and organizations to lead change and address challenges in society. They value contributions from members of diverse groups and recognize the importance of collaborating with others to develop attainable goals. Learners provide opportunities for others to lead and they challenge themselves and others to demonstrate growth.


5. Engage with Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Learners engage with diverse Indigenous worldviews, perspectives, and knowledge systems. They learn about Indigenous communities and the lands where they live, work, and learn. Learners value and respect the knowledge held by Indigenous Peoples and understand that much of that knowledge is misrepresented and absent in commonly available resources and media due to colonization.

6. Contribute Locally and Globally

Learners gain knowledge in sustainability and model practices that effect positive change for humanity and the Earth. They recognize that they have a role in environmental stewardship and use what they learn at UFV to address local and global concerns. Learners make connections between course content and international and geo-political issues. They contribute to and are productive participants in communities.

7. Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Learners are socially just, acknowledging and valuing diversity in all its forms. They understand that systems can favour certain individuals and groups over others, creating inequities and systemic barriers. Learners use their knowledge and skills to advocate for inclusive educational, professional, and community spaces. They develop and apply strategies that promote positive change in society.


8. Engage in Reflection for Action

Learners utilize strategies to reflect on their growth and development. They work independently and draw on feedback to support personal, academic, and professional growth. Learners seek out experiences that enable them to clarify their values, beliefs, and motivations. They develop a mindset that favours life-long learning. Learners set personal and professional goals and identify ways to attain those goals.


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