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Collaboration & communication

Learning happens through collaboration and communication between teacher and learner and between learners. Here we will explore ways to enhance collaboration and communication in the classroom and beyond through activities, apps, classroom practices and beyond.

Collaboration & communication workshops


Online workshop

PeerScholar is a great way for students to learn from their peers through self and peer assessment. This is a very structured yet flexible way to provide self and peers assessments and to delve into really reflective learning practices every step of the way.

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Online workshop

This is an extremely flexible synchronous and asynchronous application that can help transfer your in-class activities to online, such as brainstorming by posting Post-it notes to a virtual whiteboard. It is an engaging alternative to a shared whiteboard.

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Online workshop

Zoom is an synchronous virtual classroom that is an alternative to Collaborate Ultra. With more participants' video feeds and stability, Zoom is a great tool for meeting your students out of Blackboard. Zoom requires the installation of an app.

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Collaboration & communication videos

Adding a Zoom Meeting Link to your Blackboard Course Menu

How to make groups and group assignments in Blackboard

How to Send Announcements within Blackboard


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