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Become a teacher

Interested in teaching?

Are you considering a career as either an elementary/middle school teacher or secondary school teacher? Start your journey at the Teacher Education website. The Teacher Education website is the official source of information for UFV’s Bachelor of Education (BEd) program and should be reviewed in its entirety. The resources highlighted below from the Teacher Education website reflect commonly asked questions.  

To start, you can check out the entrance requirements for the BEd program:


 The BEd program is highly competitive

Meeting the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission and all documents must be received by the application deadline.


Attend a Teacher Education seminar

To learn more about UFV’s Bachelor of Education, it is strongly recommended that you attend one of the Teacher Education seminars. The seminars highlight the need for students to engage in self-appraisal with regard to a career in teaching.

Becoming a teacher is more than just meeting entrance requirements and doing volunteer hours. It is highly recommended that you engage in a continuous examination of your beliefs and values in relation to the complexity of this career.

Here are some examples of questions covered in a Teacher Education seminar to assist in your self-appraisal process:

What dispositions are most suitable for a career in teaching?

What kinds of volunteering/work will best help me in this career choice?

What kind of experience do I want to gain from my volunteer hours?

The above questions should be continually evaluated as you pursue your goal of a career in teaching; the questions speak to the incredible importance of examining your beliefs and values as you move through your educational journey.


The questions below, which are covered in the workshop as well, speak more to the process of applying and meeting minimum requirements:

What is the minimum GPA and how is it calculated?

Should I repeat a course if I do not meet the minimum grade?

Other than the specific listed prerequisite courses what additional courses should I take?

When do I need to have all my prerequisite courses completed?

How many people usually apply?

How competitive is it?

How does the admission committee decide who is admitted?


Watch a recorded session of a Teacher Education seminar

If you have additional questions you can sign up to attend a live session from the same page. The live session offers opportunities for Q&A.


Application tips for the Bachelor of Education

Applications are accepted between October 1 – January 31

Review the application process well in advance of the January 31 deadline. On the How to apply page, click on +Bachelor of Education under Additional documents to see what you need to submit.

The Teacher Education Advisor offers an application seminar in December for students who are applying to the next intake.


If you are completing your Bachelor’s degree in the winter semester you will need to:

  1. Apply to graduate
  2. Request a letter of completion from Advising


 Give yourself enough time to apply

Remember to allow ample time for supporting documents to be provided. The Advising Centre will issue a letter within five to ten business days of receiving your request.


Additional resources

It is recommended that you conduct further research and exploration of additional career options/goals:

  • The official job board of B.C school districts and First Nations schools. Find teaching jobs, and other careers in education.
  • BC Teacher Federation
  • Access a wealth of resources from the labour union that represents all public school teachers in B.C.


Connect with an advisor

If you have reviewed the above resources and have additional questions, book an appointment with an advisor.

You have completed fewer than 90 credits

  Book an appointment with your program advisor

You have completed over 90 credits

  Book an appointment with a Teacher Education advisor