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Fall 2023

AGRI 123       Horticulture skills and techniques for fall

AGRI 124       Introduction to horticulture

AGRI 142       Introduction to agribusiness

AGRI 163       Pest biology and identification

AGRI 183       Farm and equipment safety 

AGRI 203       Fundamentals of integrated pest management

AGRI 220       Plants in the landscape

AGRI 237       Introduction to the health of farm animals

AGRI 238       Equine production and management

AGRI 247       Enterprise project: Part I

AGRI 256       Management and production of poultry and swine

AGRI 311       Sustainable soil management

AGRI 323       Fruit crop production: Science and practice


Winter 2024

AGRI 129       Horticulture skills and techniques for winter

AGRI 183       Farm and equipment safety

AGRI 192       Practicum I

AGRI 204       Introduction to soils and soil fertility

AGRI 212       Introduction to on-farm food safety, quality, and security

AGRI 248       Enterprise project: Part II

AGRI 254       Ruminant animal health

AGRI 272       Agriculture seminar series

AGRI 306       Field techniques in integrated pest management

AGRI 324       Greenhouse production: Science and practice

AGRI 327       Nursery production and propagation: Science and practice

AGRI 328       Forage crop production: Science and practice

AGRI 331       Dairy herd management: Science and practice

AGRI 371       Sustainable holistic agriculture: Planning and practices


Course descriptions and outlines are listed in the academic calendar.

Note: Course offerings are subject to change. Contact to obtain update-to-date information.

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