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Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Horticulture major


Bachelor's degree

4 Years

Full time

How to apply

Start date:
January, September 

Abbotsford campus, Chilliwack campus at CEP



  • Practicum provides work experience and industry contacts
  • You get hands-on experience in the Agriculture Centre in Chilliwack, B.C., which features a demonstration barn, research greenhouse, and top-of-the-line agricultural automation and farmwright equipment


UFV's four-year Bachelor of Agricultural Science with a Horticulture major helps you develop the perfect mix of technical, communication, and business skills to prepare you to play a leading role in the Fraser Valley's agricultural sector.

In addition to including the core content offered by Horticulture programs in this field (e.g. nursery, greenhouse, vegetable, fruit production and science), the degree has a strong applied focus. Most of the courses are associated with a laboratory section, practical greenhouse work, and/or field trips.

Lab work in Biology, Chemistry, Physical Geography courses provide exposure to laboratory equipment as well as training in report writing and presentations. The Agriculture courses emphasize greenhouse operation, pest diagnosis and treatment, and soil analysis both from a theoretical and practical perspective.

The degree includes the following general requirements:

  • 13 credits of Business, Statistics and Communication courses
  • 21-22 credits of lower-level Science courses
  • a minimum of 8 credits at the lower- or upper-level of “Agriculture in society” electives.

The requirements for the Horticulture Major include:

  • 33 credits of lower-level Agriculture courses
  • 21 credits of upper-level Agrology (Agriculture) courses
  • 14-20 credits of upper-level Biology and/or Physical Geography courses
  • 4-5 credits for one capstone course


Graduates of UFV's Bachelor of Agricultural Science have the applied and technical knowledge, as well as the communications and business skills, to fill high demand mid-management and management positions in the agricultural industry.

Job opportunities range from small niche markets to large-scale greenhouses and farm operations, including positions in agribusiness companies, greenhouses, research and testing labs, government agencies, industry associations, consulting firms, parks, nature preserves, botanical gardens, and more.


Direct entry from high school

  1. BC secondary school graduation or equivalent
  2. Prerequisites for CHEM 110
  3. Prerequisites for BIO 111
  4. Prerequisites for STAT 104
  5. Applicants must meet the diploma/degree level English language proficiency requirement.  For details on how this requirement may be met, see the English language proficiency requirement section of the calendar.

Entry from Agriculture Technology diploma

The degree is structured to allow a seamless transition for students who complete UFV's two-year Agriculture Technology Diploma (Horticulture Crop Production and Protection option). Sixty credits (out of a total of 78) are transferable from the diploma to the degree.

If you choose to enter through the diploma, you complete the first three semesters and then choose either to complete the diploma or take the degree path.

If you are degree-bound, you complete a lower-level science course (biology) and the statistics course in your fourth semester. If you choose to complete the diploma path, you have the option of picking up these courses (biology and statistics) at your discretion and enter the degree at semester five.


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