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Hayli Millar

Hayli Millar

Associate Professor

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Abbotsford campus, A203f

Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 4772

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Dr. Millar has developed and taught more than 20 undergraduate courses in criminology, criminal justice and human rights at five post-secondary institutions in Canada, including developing the Northern Justice/Criminology program for Yukon College. She currently teaches first, second, third and fourth year undergraduate courses at the University of the Fraser Valley where she is an Associate Professor. Dr. Millar has engaged in domestic research consultancies on alternative and community-based justice and has lived and worked abroad as an international consultant for the United Nations and the Asian Development Bank. Her current research projects include the rights of children whose parents are involved in the criminal justice system; irregular migration, human trafficking and human snuggling; and the online risk and resilience of children and youth. 


  • Ph.D, University of Melbourne
  • M.A., Simon Fraser University
  • B.A., Simon Fraser University

Dr. Hayli Millar holds postgraduate degrees in criminology and law.

Research Interests

As a critical socio-legal scholar, Dr. Millar’s research interests include comparative and international law and criminal justice reform, particularly in relation to state and institutional violence directed against and access to justice for women, Indigenous peoples, and other historically marginalized groups including children and youth. She is also interested in politicized crimes like human trafficking, migrant smuggling and terrorism and has presented at various international, national and local conferences.

Dr. Millar’s recent research publications include:

H Millar & T O’Doherty in collaboration with the SWAN Vancouver Society, Key Findings: The Palermo Protocol & Canada: The Evolution and Human Rights Impacts of Antitrafficking Laws in Canada (2002-2015). (2015). Available here.

H Millar, T O’Doherty and K Roots, ‘A Formidable Task:  Reflections on Obtaining Legal Empirical Evidence on Human Trafficking in Canada’, Anti-Trafficking Review No 8 (2017): Special Issue–Where’s the Evidence? Available here.

T O’Doherty, H Millar, A Clancey and K Mackenzie, Chapter 8, ‘Misrepresentations, Inadequate Evidence, and Impediments to Justice: Human Rights Impacts of Canada’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts’, in EM Durisin, E van der Meulen, C Bruckert (editors), Sex/Work: Regulation, Agency, and Resistance, Vancouver: UBC Press[forthcoming 2018].

H Millar and Y Dandurand, ‘The Impact of Sentencing and Other Judicial Decisions on Children of Parents in Conflict with the Law: Implications for Sentencing Reform’, Technical Report submitted to the Department of Justice Canada, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice University of the Fraser Valley and International Centre for the Reform of Criminal Justice Policy, February 2017. Available here.

H Millar and Y Dandurand, ‘The Best Interest of the Child and the Sentencing of Offenders with Parental Responsibilities’, Criminal Law Forum (2017). DOI: 10.1007/s10609-017-9340-9. 

In September 2017, Dr. Millar co-organized a presentation st UFV by Dr. Gabor Mate on Prisoners of Childhood: Reconciling Justice with Trauma History, Healing & Resilience.

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