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Martin Silverstein

Martin Silverstein

Professor Emeritus

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Abbotsford campus, A202f

Phone: 604-557-4068

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  • Ph.D. 1997, Arizona State University, Justice Studies
  • M.A. 1988, University of Ottawa, Criminology
  • B.A 1974, Queen's University, Psychology
  • B.A. 1965, University of Toronto, Political Science and Economics


  • Member, Western Society of Criminology

Teaching Interests

  • Corrections
  • Theoretical perspectives of crime
  • Research methodology
  • Qualitative research
  • Men masculinities and crime
  • Governance in criminal justice

Research Interests

  • Parole decision making
  • Interactional nature of social control in prison
  • Gender perceptions of third parties to homicide offences
  • Race and ethnicity in managing risk
  • Gender as a resourse at parole hearings
  • The change from casework to case management approaches
  • The role of citizen advisory committees in prisons
  • Employment programs for battered women
  • Teaching about masculinities in tradtional and non-traditional settings
  • Lawyering at parole hearings


  • Martin Silverstein and Roberta Spark, 2007, "Social Bridges Falling Down: Reconstructing a 'Troublesome Population' of Battered Women through Individual Responsibilization Strategies" Critical Criminology

  • Martin Silverstein, 2006, "Justice in Genderland: Through a Parole Looking Glass." Symbolic Interaction

  • Martin Silverstein, 2005, "What's Race Got to Do with Justice: Responsibilization Strategies at Parole hearings." British Journal of Criminology

  • Martin Silverstein, 2001, "The Ties that Bind: Family Surveillance of Canadian Parolees." The Sociological Quarterly

  • Nancy Jurik and Martin Silverstein, 2001, "The Effect of Gender on Perceptions of Guilt and Sentence Severity for Homicide Offenses." Homicide Studies

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