General Studies

Fees & Costs

Because the UFV General Studies program enables you to use credits from vocational or professional training, the cost of your program may vary. Below is a table outlining costs from academic credits at UFV.

To find out the cost of other programs such as Trades or Continuing Education, please review the Office of the Registrar's fee information.

Credit Courses
Course numbers 100-400
Tuition/credit $147.94
Ancillary fee/credit1 $14.79

Experiential Learning &

3-credit $497.07
4-credit $662.76

1The Ancillary fee provides support for activities, athletics, library and technical services, legacy fund, student accident insurance, and student space. It is set at 10% of the tuition.
2The Experiential Learning & Wellness fee provides support for students in the form of experiential and co-curricular learning opportunities, expansion of the Co-Curricular Record, health & well-being, and peer mentoring. It is set at 2% of the tuition.

The Bachelor of General Studies is getting a new identity

The Bachelor of General Studies has a new name — Bachelor of Integrated Studies. Same program, yet higher recognition in the workforce for the new designation.

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