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Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Academic Success Cohort

The Indigenous Academic Success Cohort (IASC) is an opportunity for Indigenous students to take their first year of university classes in a supportive Indigenized environment. Students from other programs may also apply and register for the program.

Courses in the program will weave together strategies for achieving academic success with Indigenous history, culture and knowledge. Elders will be invited into the classrooms, and students will go on field trips to learn more about Indigenous world views, the importance of place and sense of self.

In addition to the support of the IASC program coordinator and Elders, the Indigenous Student Centre is available as a friendly mentoring environment where students can get assistance, advice and resources.

Program details

This cohort initiative allows groups of students to work at the same time on similar courses. Each semester, students will take three core courses together and then choose one or two electives.

Fall 2019

  • CMNS 120 - Communicating in University - 4 credits
  • UNIV 101- University 101 - 3 credits
  • IPK 102- Introduction to Indigenous Studies - 3 credits
  • Directed study sessions
  • Independent study sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed to provide support as students begin university studies, and it also broadens understanding of Indigenous culture and history.

This cohort initiative is intended to support students as they begin larger programs of study, so they will have a better chance of success in their programs.

The IASC has the same as the institutional program entrance requirements. Contact for more info.

Yes, the credits for the courses can be used in the BA and in other programs.

Students can indicate their interest in applying for the Indigenous Academic Success Cohort by submitting this form.

There is no application deadline.

Yes, students will receive a completion certificate in addition to receiving credit for all successfully completed courses.

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