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Expand your knowledge and experience Indigenous Art with IPK 277

Grab your paddle and embark on this learning journey through Indigenous art, stories and protocols.

Immerse yourself in this two-weeks CUBE course for a hands-on experience of the transformative Indigenous worldview.

Led by Dr. Lolehawk Laura Buker, IPK 277 was designed to give you the skills to become a storyteller, express your creativity through the many Indigenous art forms, and explore how activism and new art forms as a way to design social change.

This CUBE course runs every day for two weeks. It is a commitment to focus learning on during these two weeks. Field trips will take students to Chilliwack for an on-land experience with Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and hands-on experience with artforms from an Indigenous artist. This course is designed for diverse ways of Indigenous art expression, exploration of Indigenous art forms, and reflection on how Indigenous art informs activism.

Explore 4 themes throughout this course:

  1. Indigenous Stories: Indigenous Stories will inform the course through voice, history, culture, art, language, literature, and protocol.
  2. Storytelling and Creative Art: You, as a storyteller and creative artist. Throughout the semester, opportunities through projects and assignments will support your learning to become a storyteller and express your creativity through the many Indigenous art forms, including digital.
  3. Indigenous worldview: Indigenous worldview will be explored through literature, podcasts, videos, shared stories, films, and artforms. The old stories still inform artists through creative venues that define sustainability and reciprocity toward all living systems.
  4. Activism and new art forms: Indigenous art is both constant and evolving. The course will explore how activism and new art forms are bringing social change to the forefront of our society.

CUBE IPK277 - Indigenous Art: Stories and Protocols

  • CRN: 91540
  • Instructor: Dr. Lolehawk Laura Buker
  • Day/time: Monday to Friday - 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Dates: From August 22 to September 30, 2022*
*Synchronous classes + field trips to Chilliwack from August 22 to September 2, 2022. 
Students will complete assignments asynchronously during the period of September 5-30.

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