Champions for Health Promoting Schools

Care for Self, Care for Others, Care for the Environment‌

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International KPE Study Tour

(Antigua, West Indies, Caribbean)

An International Collaboration of Life Skills Teaching and the Antigua/Barbuda Ministry of Education Child Friendly Schools Initiative

Program Objectives:

The UFV Champions for Health Promoting Schools is fully student-funded program dedicated to improving the life chances of children and their families within Antigua/Barbuda, West Indies through health and physical education initiatives that:


  • expand opportunities for students to play leadership roles at school and in the community in which they live
  • relate academic learning to care for self, others, and environments that support growth
  • integrate health education within all aspects of the curriculum
  • build bridges between community health projects and school projects eg. safe communities, environmental protection
  • support for the Antigua/Barbuda, West Indies Ministry of Education, Sports, Youth and Gender Affairs in the Implementation of the UNICEF Child Friendly Schools Initiative


Suggested Prerequisites:

KPE 221 and KPE 360

Study Tour Courses:

9 Credits Upper KPE Electives (KPE 399, KPE 490 D and 490 E)

Four week study tour runs every May. Opportunities to complete Research (450 C-D) and other Leadership Positions.

Applications will be made available every September 15th.

About the 2012 Program-Community Involvement

Students from the University of the Fraser Valley were immersed in teaching and promotion of Life Skills Learning through various unique activities. This year the UFV team volunteered at the 4th Annual Sir Regional Samuel Track and Field Meet, the Antigua Tennis Organization as well as the Antigua Youth Basketball Program.

In Class Teaching

Through health and physical education classes, over 2000 students were directly exposed to various health dimension which not only provide information about how students can live a healthy lifestyle but also how their family, friends and other members of the community can follow in these same footsteps. Topics ranged from physical literacy through movement education, to life skills around cooperation, teamwork, communication, bullying, decision making, hygiene management and nutrition.

Unity Games‌

Over 2500 students were actively involved in the UFV Unity Games, school run activity days surrounding the 5 dimensions of health (social, physical, intellectual, environmental and emotional well-being). Through child centered games (physical, cognitive and emotional domains), students enhanced their understanding of how to live a healthy life. The Unity Games are attended by principals, teachers, parents and members of the community.

For Additional Information Contact:

Professor Joanna Sheppard‌
University of the Fraser Valley
Office: A3428 CEP 
Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 2218


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UFV’s Kinesiology program provided me with great opportunities — I was involved with three research projects, presented at research conferences, and had an abstract published. All before graduate school.

  • – Brynne Elliott
  •    BKin (UFV) MSc (UBC)

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