Welcome to KINSA
Our full name is: Kinesiology Student Association, but we typically go by "KIN-SA".

Who are we:

  • We are made up of students in the Kinesiology (KIN) program or taking KIN courses at UFV
  • Our student assoication provides engaging and informative extra-curricular events
  • We inform students of pertinent information about the kinesiology field
  • We also act as a link between faculty and the student body

Our Events:
The purpose of KINSA is to provide academic support as well as a social environment for KIN students. KINSA has been-- and will continue to be-- a strong student association on the UFV campus. As such, we offer events that are: 

  • Open to all UFV students
  • Informative and relevant to the KIN discipline
  • Enrich the university experience by creating a sense of social connectedness 

Our past events include: 

  • Boat Cruise
  • KIN day
  • Hiking/surf trips
  • Fundraising events (Banff Film Festival)
  • Pub Nights

KINSA Contact Information


Executive List

President: Marissa Corea,  Marissa.Corea@student.ufv.ca

Vice President: Mia Harries,  Mia.Harries@student.ufv.ca

Treasurer: Daniel Northgraves,  Daniel.Northgraves@student.ufv.ca

Secretary: Mackenzie Scharf,  Mackenzie.Scharf@student.ufv.ca

Media and Communications: Shauna Pearce,  Shauna.Pearce@student.ufv.ca


For all other inquiries email us at: 


KINSA meets regularly on the UFV campus and is also on Facebook (see link).


  Click on the facebook icon to enter the KINSA facebook page!

Check us out on Instagram. 


UFV’s Kinesiology program provided me with great opportunities — I was involved with three research projects, presented at research conferences, and had an abstract published. All before graduate school.

  • – Brynne Elliott
  •    BKin (UFV) MSc (UBC)

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