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Kinesiology Procedures


Students are required to attend the first meeting of the classes (both lectures and labs) in which they are registered and they must notify their instructors in advance if they are unable to attend. Students in online courses are required to login to the course before the deadline stated in the UFV calendar. Students who fail to attend the first meeting of a class in which they are registered and who do not notify the instructor in advance will likely be withdrawn from the course.

Students are responsible for meeting other attendance requirements specified by instructors and are expected to attend the entire class. Please note that KIN labs typically require attendance at all classes. Students are responsible for all material presented in the missed class, and should not expect instructors to provide make-up content notes.


Students should be respectful of their classmates and instructors by avoiding unnecessary tardiness. While unforeseen circumstances may occasionally prevent you from arriving on time, repeated tardiness may warrant disciplinary action and loss of grades. If you are late, please enter the class with as little disruption as possible and be aware that some instructors may refuse you entry in the classroom after class begins.


Time management is an important aspect of student life. Students are expected to meet all assigned deadlines. Failure to do so will result in a loss of grades. Note that some instructors do not accept late assignments, except for documented medical reasons.

Withdrawals and Status

A student is permitted to withdraw from a course at any time before 60% of a course duration. A withdrawal in the first 30% of the course duration will not be recorded on the official transcript.

Course withdrawal after the 30% duration point will be designated “W” and will be shown on the transcript. A student who wants to have a seat in a class but not receive credit may, with instructor permission, register as an Audit (AU) student. The audit designation assumes a minimum amount of attendance and participation as determined by the instructor. A course with an audit designation is not included in the GPA nor does it count towards completion of the program.

In-Class Conduct

Students are required to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, consistent with the University mission, policies, and regulations. Specifically students are expected to be attentive in class, and avoid conduct and behaviour that is disruptive to others. Depending on the instructor’s guidelines, this may include the use of phones, computers, and other devices in the classroom.

Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct

Student misconduct, which includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, and disruption of the learning environment, is not tolerated.


In-class exam dates are typically indicated on course outlines. Rewrites are not permitted.

Deferred exams are granted only in exceptional circumstances outlined in the KIN exam deferral procedure below. Students wishing to seek an alternative exam date must read the KIN Exam Deferral Procedure and make their request to the School of Kinesiology by email, not to the course instructor.

Final exams are scheduled during the final exam period. Students must be available for the entire period and will not be granted different writing times due to personal reasons such as travel. Students are not permitted to start the exam after 15 minutes have passed and cannot leave and re-enter the room once the exam has started except in extenuating circumstances. All forms of cheating will be treated seriously in accordance with UFV policies.

Athlete Exemptions

Students who are members of UFV sports teams may be granted a deferred exam for travel games, if advance notice is given to the instructor. Student athletes must comply with the KIN exam deferral procedure.

Guiding principles

  1. All students are treated equally regardless of their race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability as guaranteed in the Charter.
  2. The needs of the student and faculty member must be considered in the process. Exam deferrals should not be considered to be a “minor inconvenience” for faculty. Deferrals require time to re-schedule the examination, to prepare a new or different examination, and potentially, time to invigilate the additional examination.
  3. Students must follow proper, defined procedures (outlined below) before, during, and after the deferral process. This includes our institutional policy of respect for members of the community, including staff, faculty, and management.
  4. Exam deferrals are a privilege, not a right. Students are expected to accept a denied request for deferral in a mature and respectful manner.
  5. All requests for deferrals must be accompanied by reasonable, official documentation. Under no circumstances is the School of Kinesiology bound to accept a referral request based on verbal confirmation demonstrating need. Students submitting falsified documents will be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Policies.
  6. The integrity of examinable materials is important. For this reason, students will not be permitted to write exams before the scheduled time.
  7. Students must provide reasonable time (minimum of one week) for deferral consideration. Emergencies might be considered "after the fact" if sufficient time is not possible (e.g. accident, illness, or bereavement).
  8. Deferred exams are not scheduled at the convenience of the student. They will be administered at the first available opportunity.


  1. Inform your instructor as soon as possible if you have a request for a deferred exam. Note that delay in this step could jeoparize an approval. A minimum of one week prior to the exam is required. 
  2. If your reason for requesting a deferral is one of the legitmate reasons (items 1-7 noted below) please contact your instructor directly.
  3. If your reason for requesting a deferral falls outside of the legitimate reasons (items 1-7 noted below) submit an exam deferral request form along with your documentation to the Kinesiology School Assistant (Room A3443 Chilliwack campus). Note that failure to provide complete and adequate documentation will delay and could jeopardize the approval.
  4. The Kinesiology School Assistant will call for a tribunal of Kinesiology faculty members to review the request and recommend approval or denial. The Kinesiology School Assistant will notify the student as soon as possible once a decision is made.

    Kinesiology tribual decisions are final and cannot be appealed at the Department level. If the request is denied, the student may appeal to the Dean's Office.

    Provide a time when you are available to write the exam. This should be your first available time block, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., AFTER the scheduled exam time. Please also provide alternate times the day following the exam(s).

Legitimate reasons for deferral requests

  1. Conflicts: if a student has two exams scheduled at the same time, a deferral may be granted.
  2. Medical documentation: exam deferrals may be granted for reasonable, documented, medical reasons. Documentation must come from a physician or registered counselor.
  3. Disabilities: exam deferrals and other accommodations will be granted for students registered with the Centre for Accessibility Services as determined by their specific needs.
  4. Sports teams: students that are athletes or coaches of UFV sports teams, or provincial or national teams, may be granted deferrals.
  5. Bereavement: exam deferrals may be granted as a result of the death of a parent, spouse, child, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandparent or grandchild, providing that a death certificate is submitted. Pending bereavement may be considered with a note from the attending physician that clearly indicates the gravity of the medical condition.
  6. Distance education: students attending online classes from considerable distance can request invigilation at another location providing it is a) identified at the start of the course, b) is a recognized, accountable, and reliable invigilator and c) the exam environment assures no advantage to the student and integrity of the exam material.
  7. Severe weather: in accordance with UFV’s procedures for severe weather, exams may be deferred if UFV is closed due to severe weather. Students may be granted a deferral if it is unsafe to travel to campus for the scheduled exam.

KIN Procedure #2 Exam Deferral

Without expressed consent from course instructors, students are not permitted to record (audio, video, images or otherwise) course lectures, seminars or laboratories for in-person or online courses.

Students who are requesting permission to record materials due to disability-related reasons, are asked to provide a recommendation from the Centre for Accessibility Services outlining the need for this accommodation.

All students must receive permission from the instructor to record lectures. In instances where consent/accommodation has been granted, the information contained in the lecture recordings is solely for the personal use of the student receiving consent/accommodation. Lectures recorded for this purpose may not be shared with other people without the expressed written consent of the instructor.

Recorded lectures may not be used in any way against a faculty member, other lecturers, teaching assistants, or students whose classroom comments are recorded during the normal course of the lecture. Students are cautioned that lectures, demonstrations, and any other course material produced by an instructor are the intellectual property of the instructor. Information contained in the recordings may not be published (including on the internet) or quoted without the expressed written consent of the instructor.

Misuse of these recordings will be considered non-academic misconduct.

The kinesiology program has not only exposed me to the theory, but has equipped me with a vast amount of practical knowledge, applications, and tools to use in the future. This program has led me to pursue a career in medicine where I can have a positive impact on other and help them live a healthy life.

  • – P.J. Retief
  •    Kinesiology (Class of 2017)

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