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List of Upcoming Courses

Please note this is a tentative list of upcoming course offerings. Although we do our best to plan our course offerings well ahead of time, there are instances where a course may be changed or cancelled.

Winter 2024 Course Offerings

Winter 2024
KIN 103  Concepts of Physical Fitness
KIN 121  Physical Literacy
KIN 160  Contemporary Health Issues
KIN 161  Introduction to Kinesiology
KIN 163  Introduction to Exercise Physiology
KIN 170  Basic Human Anatomy
KIN 215  Introduction to Biomechanics
KIN 221  Instructional Design and Analysis of Physical Education and Sport Programs
KIN 260  Topics in Human Nutrition
KIN 261  Sociocultural Aspects of Physical Activity and Sport
KIN 266  Exercise and Sport Psychology
KIN 268  Introduction to Motor Learning and Control
KIN 270  Human Physiology I
KIN 272  Human Physiology II
KIN 301  Research Methods in Kinesiology
KIN 302  Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
KIN 315  Applied Biomechanics
KIN 350  Stress and Chronic Disease
KIN 360  Health Programming Across the Lifespan
KIN 362  Theoretical Exercise Physiology
KIN 363  Lab-Based Exercise Physiology
KIN 365  Physical Growth and Motor Development
KIN 366  Applied Counselling Skills for Fitness Professionals
KIN 368  Advanced Motor Learning and Control
KIN 371  Introduction to Athletic Injuries
KIN 435  Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics
KIN 455  Professional Experience in Kinesiology
KIN 460  Macronutrients: Applications to Sport and Disease
KIN 462  Advanced Exercise Testing and Prescription
KIN 463  Advanced Clinical Exercise Therapy
KIN 465  Adapted Physical Activity
KIN 466  Psychological Skills for Sport and Life
KIN 470  Pathophysiology
KIN 481  Applied Ethics for Health Sciences

Summer 2024 Course Offerings

Summer 2024
KIN 103 Concepts of Physical Fitness
KIN 160 Contemporary Health Issues
KIN 161 Introduction to Kinesiology
KIN 170 Basic Human Anatomy
KIN 260 Topics in Human Nutrition
KIN 261 Sociocultural Aspects of Physical Activity and Sport
KIN 322 Teaching Dance and Gymnastics
KIN 365 Physical Growth and Motor Development

The kinesiology program has not only exposed me to the theory, but has equipped me with a vast amount of practical knowledge, applications, and tools to use in the future. This program has led me to pursue a career in medicine where I can have a positive impact on other and help them live a healthy life.

  • – P.J. Retief
  •    Kinesiology (Class of 2017)

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