Bachelor's degree

4 years

full degree, Biology minor, Kinesiology Minor (with BA, BSc, BGS)

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January, May, September 

Chilliwack campus at CEP, Abbotsford campus



  • Enjoy small lecture and lab sizes for more one-on-one time with your professors
  • Hands-on labs are taught by dedicated full-time lab instructors
  • Program eligible for financial aid


As the study of human movement, kinesiology explores a broad range of topics that include anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, sociology, education, active health, wellness, and nutrition.

Bachelor of Kinesiology

In the Kinesiology program, you go well beyond the questions of how and why we move, and start to explore how we can optimize the human potential for motor skill performance.

In your first and second year, you learn about topics such as human anatomy, sport psychology, biomechanics, and physical activity. You explore a variety of fields that may be of interest before choosing to specialize in exercise science or pedagogy.

In your third and fourth year, you develop skills for counselling athletes and learn about athletic injuries and physiology. You also select a specialty out of the following options:

  • The exercise science option prepares you for registration as a kinesiologist, graduate school, and/or professional school (such as physiotherapy, medicine or chiropractic).
  • The pedagogy option prepares you for continued certification in teacher education, coaching, personal training, and/or graduate school. 

The core course requirements are the same for both paths. However, exercise science is geared towards biology and research methods, whereas pedagogy involves learning how to educate others about health and movement.

View the kinesiology program outline in the Academic Calendar.

Kinesiology Minor

If you are pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of General Studies, you can opt to complete a minor in Kinesiology to learn about human anatomy and movement.

Learn the various influences that affect human physical performance whether that be emotional, behavioural, cognitive or the physiological systems within our bodies. Acquire counselling skills used by instructors and consultants in the fitness industry, and find out how and when to apply them.

Please note that the program outline for the Kinesiology minor for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies students is slightly different than the Kinesiology minor for Bachelor of Science students.

Additional features

Minors and extended minors

Pair your Bachelor of Kinesiology with any of the existing minors (including Arts, Science and Business) or extended minors offered at UFV (with the exception of the Biology extended minor).

Learn more about pairing your Bachelor of Kinesiology with a minor or extended minor in the UFV Academic Calendar.

Biology minor

Combine your Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with a minor in Biology especially tailored for Kinesiology students. Visit the Academic Calendar to see the course requirements for Bachelor of Kinesiology students pursing a Biology minor.

Watch video: Why choose UFV for your education in Kinesiology?


A growing awareness of the benefits of exercise combined with the aging of the population is opening up opportunities in the health and fitness industry.

Grads with a Bachelor of Kinesiology may work in a variety of roles as health professionals to help people improve their health and wellbeing. Some find employment as recreation consultants, sport and fitness analysts, fitness consultants, teachers, and athletic training and therapy practitioners.

Many grads pursue advanced degrees to become occupational therapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, or doctors in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and private settings.

Below is a sample of careers currently held by graduates of the Kinesiology program at UFV:

  • Kinesiologist
  • Recreation Consultants
  • Sport and Fitness analysts
  • Fitness Consultants
  • Teaching
  • Athletic Training & Therapy
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Medicine
  • Chiropractic

The First Nations Health Authority promote opportunities for young, passionate, and educated B.C. First Nations and Aborignial youth. Check out their health careers guidebook for info about specific health careers.


View the Bachelor of Kinesiology entrance requirements on the UFV Academic Calendar.


This program is open for international students


Students who do not meet the entrance requirements can upgrade in order to meet prerequisites for university classes.

Make an appointment with a Upgrading and University Preparation advisor to discuss your upgrading needs.


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The kinesiology program has not only exposed me to the theory, but has equipped me with a vast amount of practical knowledge, applications, and tools to use in the future. This program has led me to pursue a career in medicine where I can have a positive impact on other and help them live a healthy life.

  • – P.J. Retief
  •    Kinesiology (Class of 2017)

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