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COVID-19 Response: Helpful Links for Students

Here you can find video guides of how to access your UFV email, Blackboard, and how to upload assignments or tests. Please open the link in Chrome or Firefox as the videos do not show in Explorer.

Here are additional videos about scanning and uploading your work and how to access BB Collaborate sessions. The voice in the second one is cut off but there is a description given below the video, so it should still be useful to watch and read.

Free drop-in Math & Stats support

In Winter 2021, the UFV M&SC will serve students via online Blackboard Collaborate sessions. The physical Math & Stats Centres will remain closed.

To ask questions related to Mathematics or Statistics courses, students will need to enroll in the virtual Math and Stats Centre course. This course is free! 

Need help? New to the virtual Math & Stats Centre?

Here’s how to sign up:

1. Log in to Blackboard and click on "Courses".

2. In the "Course Search" box, write Math and Stats and click "Go".

3. Under Course ID, you will see M_SC. Click on the arrow next to it, and click "Enroll".

4. Click "Submit".

Now you'll be able to access the virtual Math & Stats Centre!

No appointment necessary — Feel free to drop in online!

PDF schedule:

Virtual Math & Stats Centre Schedule - Winter 2021 UPDATE 2

Here’s how to drop in and get help:

1. Log in to MyClass.

2. Click on “M_SC: Math and Stats Centre” under “My Courses.”

3. Click the “M_SC SCHEDULE” button for instructors' availability – make a note of who’s on duty right now.

4. Click the “M_SC HELP SESSIONS” button

5. Click on an active session with the on-duty instructor in the “staffed by” list

  • This is why you took note of the name in the previous step!

6. Click “Join Session”

  • Say hello if you don’t see anyone – the instructor on duty will respond.
  • If you hear conversation, don’t log out! Just wait, and an instructor will be with you shortly.

More information about the Math & Stats Centre

Virtual Rack Card 2021

Meet the staff and monitors

Student Employment

If you are interested in working as a student monitor in the UFV Math and Stats Centres, we welcome your application.

Apply online to become a Monitor

We interview for student monitor positions two or three times each year, typically near the beginning of each semester.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, students’ interviews may be postponed.

Math Match

During Reading Break of each Winter semester, the Abbotsford Math and Stats Centre hosts a fun mathematics competition. Get more info.

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