Mathematics and Statistics

Staff and monitors

Math & Stats Centre Assistants: Anna Kuczynska, Karamjit Dhande, Robin Endelman
Please see the list below to find the individual who can assist you with your course subject matter. Those who list "math" can assist you with University Prep and Pre-Calculus courses. Find a staff member who has recently been involved with your course to get the best possible help. For help with statistics, please visit the Math Centre at a time when a statistics instructor is present

Ian Affleck
All math
David Chu
All statistics, calculus
Karamjit Dhande
Pre-calculus, calculus, statistics
Robin Endelman
All math
Ali Fotouhi
All statistics
Anna Kuczynska
Developmental math, first & second-year math, Math 105
Ken Li
All statistics, pre-calculus, calculus
Karin Loots
Pre-calculus, calculus, business math, Math 105
Cynthia Loten
All math
Stan Manu
All math, Math 105
Gillian Mimmack
All statistics
Tariq Nuruddin
Pre-calculus, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, statistics
Greg Schlitt
All math
Shaun Sun
All statistics
Erik Talvila
All math except statistics
Rachel Toews
pre-calculus, calculus, Math 125
Ben Vanderlei
All math, introductory statistics
Eugene Yablonski
All math
Joseph Yu
Calculus, linear algebra, Math 125 
*Tanner Boos
Pre-calculus, calculus
*Aaron Kornelson 
Pre-calculus, calculus
*Isabelle St-Martin
Pre-calculus, calculus
*Kennedy Zwarych
Pre-calculus, calculus
*Student monitor

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